8 Best APPS that make you richest within a day

5. Vindale Research Android l iOS

Survey Apps That Pay- Money Making Potential Level: Very High

The survey that pays up cash and the one that made me over $1,100. Period. Do you want to earn up to $75 per survey? If you do, then, this is right for you.I have gotten multiple $10, $15, and $75 payouts for individual surveys.

If you’ve been burnt with promises of cash from survey sites, give Vindale a try. It is one of the online surveys that pay cash. Yes, cash.Look the image below, and you’ll see that I made a lot of money from it… more like over $1,100.

Surveys from Vindale are mostly current trends and events, something that won’t make you bored.

What’s your thought on the new show at XXXX network? Do you like the new product from this online retailer? These are some of the current trends/events questions that won’t make you second guess on answers.

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