Fortnite Season 10: Everything we know so far

This first image shows us Dusty Depot, which was the first location ever altered in Fortnite’s first event. It was smashed to bits by a meteor and turned into Dusty Divot. Could we see some sort of return of the classic location? Will there be some sort Fortnite classic mode that returns the map to its original state?

This second image shows us some sort of mech figure, not entirely unlike the mech that fought the giant creature during the latest event. More on that below. For now, this image could be teasing a number of things: The addition of mech suits that alter gameplay somehow? A sci-fi kaiju theme for the whole map?

Most notably, the symbol on the left is the same one worn by the Visitor, a character who was featured in Season 4. The Visitor was a time traveler, and he’s responsible for the many rifts still scattered about the map.

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