Fortnite Season 10: Everything we know so far

Monster and mech finally clashed

After weeks of slowly thawing out a monster beneath Polar Peaks, and the gradual construction of a giant teddy bear mech in the guts of Fortnite’s volcano, Fortnite fans finally got to see the epic battle play out. Here’s the whole event as we saw it go down.

The fight itself might qualify as the most involved, elaborate event ever held in Fortnite. Rather than just a rocket racing around or players flying into the air over a portal, the kaiju and mech stomp around the upper portion of the map and do some serious damage. The event started out with the monster emerging from the north shore (Polar Peaks still attached to its scaly back) and proceeding inland, until the mech emerged from the volcano and quickly shot off a few volleys of rockets at it.

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