Fortnite Season 10: Everything we know so far


The monster retaliated by spewing its own laser beam at the mech, and the mech retaliated to that by charging at full speed and launching the two of them into the ocean to the west. Honestly, I thought that was going to be it, but I was dead wrong.

The mech emerged from the water, triumphant and all that, only for the monster to pounce out of the ocean and begin savaging the mech, ripping its arm off. The mech managed to break free, retreating to the pressure plant. There, it yanked some of that lovely portal energy out and proceeded to wallop the monster with an energy-infused punch.

The final leg of the fight was revealed when the mech walked over to Neo-Tilted, grabbed the giant statue of the Synergy skin in the center of town, and proceeded to pull up a giant energy sword. In a final charge, the mech managed to stab the monster through the skull with the sword, ending the fight. As a final farewell, the mech did a one-armed floss dance and flew away into the sky. Brilliant. Love it.

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