8 Common Symptoms of Food Addiction

Food addiction is a common problem in Western society.

It involves binge eating behavior, cravings and a lack of control around foods (1).

There are at least 8 symptoms that are typical for food addicts. We decided to run a survey among our readers and ask about each of them.

An email went out to a total of 17,094 individuals and 875 of them answered.

Here is a description of each of the 8 symptoms of food addiction.

1. You Get Cravings Despite Being Full

It is not uncommon to get cravings, even after eating a fulfilling, nutritious meal.

For example, after just downing a nice meal with steak, potatoes and veggies, you may find yourself craving some ice cream for dessert.

You see, cravings and hunger aren’t the same thing.

You don’t actually feel “hungry” because you just finished a healthy and nutritious meal, but yet there is an urge somewhere in your brain to eat something else.

This is pretty common and doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a problem. Most people get cravings.

However, if this happens often and you have real problems controlling yourself, then it may be an indicator of something else going on (2).

This craving is not about your need for energy or nutrients — it is your brain calling for something that releases dopamine in the reward system of the brain (3).


Cravings are obviously very common. Fewer than 13% of participants rarely or never experienced this.

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