Have Better Sex: 10 foods for great sex

Improve your relationships and eat your way to an orgasm with the help of these aphrodisiacs…

Do you know what was common between Casanova, Cleopatra and the novelist Alexandre Dumas? They all used natural aphrodisiacs to increase their libido and to stimulate their sexual desires. Since time immemorial a variety of food has been associated with increasing fertility and sexual appetite. The term aphrodisiac is derived from the name of Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. The shape, taste and smell of a particular food item are taken into consideration while putting it into the love-food category. Majority of the food that are considered as aphrodisiac, resembles the human genetilia in some form or the other. There is a big debate over the potency of these aphrodisiacs. Sexologist, Dr Mahendra Vatsa says, “It is not known how effective these so called aphrodisiacs are, in increasing the libido, but they can surely arouse a person.”

How effective these are, is still a big question but there are some natural substances that are believed to increase the desire and libido, in a person, since time immemorial. So here is a list of such foods that may help in bringing a positive change in your sex life.

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