20 Trending Home Decor Tips To Try This Week

1. Create a recessed pantry wall. This Australian home features a nifty way to bring extra storage and display space to a kitchen. A system of shelves fills a recessed portion of what would otherwise be a blank wall. This gets the homeowners enough inches for glasses, jars, bottles and other necessities.

If it’s an interior wall you’re dealing with, and there’s no electrical or plumbing interference, and you don’t need the insulation, you could create this setup between exposed wall studs.

2. Avoid glass cabinetry next to your range. Designer Barbra Bright put together several great designer tips for kitchens this week. She suggests that if you’re considering glass-fronted cabinets in your kitchen, it’s best to avoid placing them next to your range hood. Otherwise you’ll likely be spending a good deal of time wiping grease and grime off those glass panels.

3. Make outlets the same color as your backsplash. Bright also suggests coordinating your outlet color with the color of your backsplash. That way those white outlets won’t disrupt the visual look of, say, your gorgeous minty green tile. Installing outlets sideways and closer to the countertop also makes for a less distracting profile than the more common vertical installation.

4. Consider a wet room. Curbless showers are all the rage, but if you have space, think about going with a wet-room concept in which all or most of the bathroom components sit within a tiled space. This allows water to be splashed around without impacting surrounding areas. In some homes, the sink, shower and toilet are all housed within the same tiled space, often with a drain in the center. This allows the space to be hosed down and cleaned with relative ease.

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