Lose 15lbs in 2 days -weight loss diet plan

Determine Daily Calorie Deficit(part I)

You’ll have better success if you lose 15 pounds over two, or even three, months. But if you’re determined to give it a try, your first step is to calculate your daily goals to see if you can reduce calories enough to make it a reality.

You’ve heard it before, but the complexities of weight loss really do boil down to consuming fewer calories than you burn. Creating this type of calorie deficit forces your body to burn stored fat for energy. The first step toward weight loss begins by determining the number of calories it takes to maintain your current weight.

The easiest way is to use an online calculator, such as the one on the Baylor College of Medicine website, which computes your body mass index, or BMI, and daily maintenance calories after you type in your gender, height, weight, age and activity level. The body mass index indicates whether you are healthy, overfat or obese.

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