Top 13 Yoga Asanas for Quick Weight Loss


What is an asana?

Asana is roughly translated from Sanskrit as “pose” or “posture.”  This simply means a “yoga pose.”

The literal translation actually means “to be in a comfortable seated position.”  This comes from the branch of yoga called ashtanga yoga, and it refers to the physical exertion and also the mental relaxation that happens in yoga.  Practicing these asanas will bring you awareness both internally and externally.

The poses below also have their Sanskrit name beside them.

Many of the poses below have the instructions to “repeat on the other side.”  This means that it is a two-sided pose, and it only works muscles in one side of the body at a time.  Always repeat the pose on both sides of the body to build strength and flexibility equally in the body.

Below are the thirteen yoga asanas that help you for quick weight loss.

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