8xfilms| Download Latest HD Movies 2022

8xfilms| Download Latest HD Movies 2022

8xfilms is a junction for film and movie lovers. Depending upon your choice and personal preference, you can watch any films online using the site. The online streaming channel, 8xfilms, is famous for offering a wide variety of films to move fans in languages of their choice. 

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The website also features films in English, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi apart from mainstream Bollywood films, including superhit movies of 100-crore clubs. 

What is 8xfilms Website?

It’s an online film website through which fans can enjoy a wide variety of films in their native tongues. Another interesting fact about this website is its rich collection of documentary movies and English historical films. You can binge-watch anything and everything without any fee. 

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Why 8xfilms Website is so Popular?

The popularity of 8xfilms is undisputed. Each day, it registers hundreds and thousands of new visits from tech users and film lovers. Another advantage of the site is how people across the globe can get free access to its premium features without paying anything. 

How Does 8xfilms Website Work?

8xfilms Website

8xfilms.com is a pirated movie website. Newly released movies will be leaked within hours of their release. It’s not uncommon for a movie to be leaked before its release date. 8xfilms Hindi dubbed movies can be downloaded with one click. There is a huge collection of different formats of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu films. 

You can download Telugu movies from 8xfilms in various categories such as:

  • Hollywood latest movies
  • Bollywood latest movies
  • Hollywood dubbed movies
  • Telugu latest movies
  • Tamil latest movies
  • Malayalam latest movies
  • Horror
  • Animation
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Comedy

Top Features Of 8xfilms Website

  • Get thousands of non-Hindi films dubbed in Hindi for the audience.
  • You can download movies as per your own format in MP4, HD, 300MB and others.
  • Download the latest blockbusters in premium audio-visual quality.
  • Watch any number of Tollywood hits, Tamil superhits, or Punjabi blockbuster films.
  • Get to know exclusive details about films, including cast, actors, reviews rating and much more. 
  • Get the list of films releasing soon at a theatre near you.

Is It Safe and Legal To Use 8xfilms?

Basically, these movie streaming channels were never legal. They just copy the sequences of films from unverified and illegal sources and then leak the same online, which is against the copyright and piracy rules of the country. 

Moreover, many such sites, including 8xfilms, don’t have proper security certifications and other online safety mechanisms in place. That is why any user visiting the website is always open to exposing their devices for virus infection and malware attacks.

How to Download Movies from 8xfilms Website?

Download Movies from 8xfilms Website

8xfilms features a wide variety of including across various genres, including Animation, Thriller, Drama, Sports, Cartoons, documentaries, Fiction, Biopics, and many more. 

If you wish to download your favorite film from the site, use the following method—step-by-step.

Step 1: Find the most authentic 8xfilm online link (URL)

Step 2: Navigate your cursor to the search query box.

Step 3: Just type the movie name, and you’ll see multiple links.

Step 4: Click on your desired link and choose the format—MP4, AVI, HD, and others.

Step 5: Press download or Play as per your needs. 

Step 6: Alternatively, double press on any of the film thumbnails appearing on the screen.

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How to Unblock 8xfilms Website?

Unblock 8xfilms Website

Unfortunately, 8xfilms is a torrential website. For this very reason, a lot of countries have blocked their IP. As a user, you can’t access the site directly from your browser if the same is blocked. 

You have to look into some other alternative options to start surfing the channel. 

Unblocking Hack 1: Using a VPN App/ Technology

Step 1: Download a quality VPN app to your system.

Step 2: You may need to integrate a VPN device into your system for its proper configuration. 

Step 3: When the VPN device and PC are connected, launch your browser.

Step 4: Type the URL of the website and press enter.

Step 5: Change your IP digits and location Id from settings. 

Step 6: Now, you can easily browse the website without any worries.

Step 7: Never use the browser’s incognito mode to access torrential websites. Always use VPN. 

Unblock Hack 2: Utilising the Power of Tor Browser 

Step 1: Go to Google or Bing dot com

Step 2: Type T-O-R Browser download.

Step 3: Depending upon your OS and CPU architecture—Windows 10/11; 64/32-Bit–download TOR browser.

Step 4: Enter your torrential website ID on its URL bar.

Step 5: You will immediately get access to your favorite movie streaming site. Start enjoying your favorite films.

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Unblock Hack 3: Use Web Proxies to Use 8xfilms

Step 1: On a standby mode, log on to cantaccess.com from Mozilla/ Google Chrome

Step 2: On the site’s home page, enter 8xfilms on the query box.

Step 3: If you are lucky, the site will open and you can start using it.

Step 4: If it doesn’t open, it means 8xfilms is blocked in your location.

Step 5: Now follow all unblock hacks to use 8xfilms without any interruptions. 

Unblock Hack 4: Modify Your PC Proxy Settings

Step 1: Simply check your Google/ Bing proxy setting.

Step 2: Proceed towards the advanced section.

Step 3: Disable your Proxy setting

Step 4: Save settings and restart your system.

Hopefully, you will now get access to 8xfilms online.

Unblock Hack 5: Modify Your DNS Configuration

Step 1: Start your PC/ Laptop

Step 2: Go to the Network icon and press right-click.

Step 3: Choose its properties settings.

Step 4: Randomly confirm your IPv setting to IPv4

Step 5: Change your DNS setting to and on both boxes

Step 6: Save changes and press Ok.

Step 7: Restart your system and see if you can now use 8xflms.

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Legal Alternatives of 8xfilms

For users who don’t want to break the rules, there are many legal alternatives to 8xfilms. These sites may require a monthly or weekly premium subscription, but they are always safe. There are no annoying ads here. So what do you need to lose? Please visit the following website:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hotstar
  • Sony Liv
  • MX Player
  • Sony Crunch
  • PopCornFlix
  • GoMovies
  • Ice movie
  • YesMovies

Best 8xfilms Alternative sites

Without going into all these technical tweaks and tricks, you can also log on to 8xfilms alternatives if the film streaming website is not available in your area.

Some of the top 8xfilms alternatives websites are BestHDMovies, CmoviesHD, SabWap, Movieswap, Zmovies, Movie4u, Flicksmore, Cinemavilla, Movie4u, Movierill, Jio rockers, Flicksmore, and Movieswatcher.

We’ll briefly describe some of these 8xfilms online alternative websites in detail. 

1. Zmovies


If you are passionate about downloading new films as soon as they are released or even before their official release, Zmovies is perfect for you. Here, you will get all the latest films available on the home page of the site. Depending upon your choice, just click on any movie link and start enjoying the same.

Features and Benefits

  • ZMovies is compatible across Tablets, Laptops, Macbooks, and PC.
  • It works well on both iOS-compatible devices and Windows-OS-operated gadgets.
  • Watch your favourite movies in HD+HQ quality
  • Get plenty of benefits as a guest without any need of signing up.  
  • Watch films of various languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and much more.

Website URL: https://zmovies.123moviesonline.li/

Price: Free

Additional Information: Through registration on the site is not mandatory but signing up on the site with valid credentials can offer you hundreds of additional benefits. 

2. Movie4u

Some movie lovers are passionate about all types of movies catering to all genres. In such a situation, you can simply go to Movie4U. It offers a host of benefits to users, including movies in various languages without any cuts. You can watch Hindi, English, Chinese, Tamil, Korean, and other films in multiple languages on the site using its Watch Now button.

Features and Benefits 

  • Instant download option available for movie fans.
  • Get plenty of new information about the soon-to-be-released movies.
  • All films come with HQ quality.
  • Watch documentaries, webseries, telefilms and much more.
  • The website has a rich database of all-time hits Bollywood/ Hollywood/ Tollywood hits.

Website URL: https://movies4u.co

Price: Zero

3. Flicksmore


Flicksmore is one of the most popular online film downloading websites among millennials. In other words, it’s just like an online movie streaming search engine. Just enter your movie name and you will get a direct download link of the same. On Flicksmore, you will get plenty of downloading links to all the latest films.

Features and Benefits 

  • It has a rich collection of world-famous films.
  • Watch European films without any fees for the first 30 days as a trial.
  • Plenty of films is available in European languages. 
  • Navigate the website as a guest—no need for signing up.
  • Get thumbnails of all available films on the homepage
  • 100% legal site.
  • The site has its headquarter located in the US.
  • It is available across the US. 
  • Watch your favourite films without any fear of getting caught by law enforcement agencies. 
  • The site has full authorisation to make films available for download

Website URL: https://www.flicksmore.com/

Price: The cost of watching/ downloading each film varies.

4. Cinemavilla

Cinemavilla is a den for movie lovers. Still, it’s a torrential website that is notorious for releasing movies in an unauthorized manner even before their official release. You can use the site to download both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. In recent times, they have been adding several Tollywood superfit films as well. 

Features and Benefits

  • Watch non-Hindi films dubbed in Hindi/ English.
  • International movies are available with English subtitles
  • Not too many online ads and nagging website links.
  • Registration or sign up is not needed.
  • All movies can be easily downloaded to any compatible device within a few minutes.
  • Watch Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies in superb audio-visual quality.

Website URL: http://cinemavilla.casa/

Price: Free

5. Jio rockers

Jio rockers

Jio Rockers is popular among movie lovers for releasing new films on time. It makes available all movie links on its home page so that users can easily download their favorite movies in just a few steps. The website takes pride in making available a wide variety of cinemas in various Indian languages with English/ Hindi subtitles.

Features and Benefits

  • Download all the latest South Indian films in HD format
  • Plenty of download links and formats are available for Bollywood films.
  • Good picture quality and surround sound effects.
  • Get a theatre-like feel at home while watching films on the site.
  • Clear cut navigation panel and simple interface for non-tech savvy people and senior citizens.
  • The website doesn’t charge a single penny at any stage whatsoever.

Website URL: https://jiorockerss.uk/

Price: Free

New Live Links of 8xfilms:

As you know, this is an illegal and pirated website,  and the government has banned it and tried to arrest its creator. However, you can access this website using a variety of tools and see 8xfilms with different domain names. Some of these are shown below.

  • 8xfilms.club
  • 8xfilms.cc
  • 8xfilms.wiki
  • 8xfilm.me
  • 8xfilms.mobi

In Conclusion

When it comes to movie downloading sites, you get plenty of options. But 8xfilms is still rated as one of the most famous film streaming sites in India. Among all other features, the site allows you to bookmark its URL on your PC’s address bar so that you can visit it anytime you want to. 

It is not just an online movie streaming site, but a popular entertainment streaming channel as well. Use the website to watch your favorite documentary show, web series, live matches, and much more. Get a direct link to the latest released Hollywood films and world movies launched in non-English languages. 


1. What is being done by the government to combat piracy?

The government has taken a number of actions to thwart movie piracy. Anyone caught recording movies without the producer’s written agreement might receive a three-year prison sentence under the Cinematograph Act of 2019.

The offenders may also be subject to a fine of ten lakh rupees. People who disseminate unlicensed copies on unauthorized torrent websites risk receiving a prison sentence.

2. If I download a movie without permission, would I face legal action or a fine?

If a person is prosecuted and it is established that they engaged in piracy or helped someone else engage in piracy, copyright movies can be downloaded in Tamil from 8x

movies are downloaded in violation of Indian legislation. It will be regarded as a crime if this is the case.

The court will assume that the person was aware of the infringement because the movie typically carries a watermark or notice indicating that it is a work protected by copyright.


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