All India Trinamool Congress (AITMC)| TMC Full Form | A Political Party | Latest Update-2021

All India Trinamool Congress (AITMC)| TMC Full Form | A Political Party | Latest Update-2021

The All India Trinamool Congress, also known as AITC or TMC, is the ruling party of West Bengal led by the state’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. 

The TMC returned to power for the third consecutive term in the legislative assembly poll of West Bengal held in 2021. It defeated the BJP in a tough electoral contest. 

Using the popular slogan, Ma Mati Manush, which means mother, motherland and people, the TMC currently is planning to become a pan-India national party soon. 

The party is already having state units, besides West Bengal, in these four states: Tripura, Manipur, Assam and Kerala. On July 21, 2021, Mamata Banerjee broadcasted the nation in which she attacked the BJP Government at the Centre for its alleged failure on different counts. 

The TMC now has emerged as a very strong political party in West Bengal has bagged 213 of the 294 assembly segments of the state. The party defeated BJP despite the electioneering led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Home Minister Amit Shah and 109 national leaders of BJP. 

In the very closely contested polls, the BJP held 200 rallies and about 100 mega roadshows during the electioneering but failed to oust TMC from returning to power for the third consecutive term.  

The development of West Bengal is guided by the 10-year rule by TMC coupled with a secular image of Mamata Banerjee and her massive popularity among people of all faith paved the way for the party to return to power with a thumping majority defeating the BJP. 

After the election in West Bengal, several opposition parties want to make Mamata Banerjee the face of the next prime minister. It is not unlikely that she may be the face of unanimous opposition prime ministerial candidate in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls in case the BJP fails to get the majority mark and the opposition parties form a coalition government at the Centre.  

How was the name Trinamool Congress formed? 

The party’s name Trinamool has its origin at the grass-root. Politically, the term grass-root signifies the mass of the people or common Indians. The Election Commission allotted Jora Ghans Phool or twinflower that grows out of the grass. It signifies the government and the common people. 

It is also viewed that Mamata Banerjee very nicely portrayed the Hindu-Muslim unity through the Jora Ghans Phool, indicating them as people of the two faiths. The TMC says the party logo is a message of secularism based on the famous poem of Kazi Nazrul Islam. 

Revolutionary poet Kazi Nazrul Islam had written a poem: “Ek e brinte duti kusum, Hindu Musalman, ekjon tar noyonmoni onno ti tar pran” (two buds on the tree, Hindu and Muslim. If one of them is the eye, then the other is life). 

This logo is unique, conveying the national spirit of unity of faiths in a very appropriate way depicting two flowers. 


Question: Is TMC is a national or all India party?  

Answer: Currently, the TMC is a regional West Bengal-based party having actively functional units in Tripura, Manipur, Kerala and Assam. Mamata Banerjee has immediate plans to convert it into the national party and contest the Lok Sabha polls in 2024 in several Indian states. 

Question: Is there any bar to join the TMC?

Answer: No, there is no such bar as any Indian citizen irrespective of caste, creed, community, religion or language can become a member of this party. The TMC has not laid any preconditions for joining it by the Indians. 

Question: How strong is the party in West Bengal? 

Answer: The TMC is very strong in West Bengal. Currently, no other political party, including the BJP, CPI-M and Congress can match it as far as popularity is concerned. During the two-corner contest in 2021 legislative assembly polls, the TMC defeated the BJP on a massive gap of seats won. Due to the mass-popularity of Mamata Banerjee and TMC, the Congress and CPI-M failed to get even a single seat in the legislative assembly. 


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