Get Some Amazing Facts of PMP Certification in Pune

Get Some Amazing Facts of PMP Certification in Pune

Good news for project management professionals…! Here is a premium certification in Pune available now, launched by Project Management Institute (PMI) in the USA in January 2021. It serves more than 2.9 million professionals, with 50K members across 208 countries and territories.

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Just get registered yourself to get PMP Certification in Pune and move to work for almost all the industries across the globe. There are various positive aspects of this pro certificate. To get aware of all of them, continue to read.

Get an overview of PMP Certification in Pune!

PMP is an acronym for Project Management Professional. It is a specialized course to exhibit project management excellence in the most current practices, which are more demanding by employers of the world’s leading organizations. 

PMP Certification in Pune provides a chance to students to be a professional in project management that helps them to get aware of the latest trends, emerging practices, tailoring considerations, and core competencies.

PMP certificate is a de-facto standard in the field of project management, which is well-recognized worldwide. Mostly, the corporate sector demands PMP-certified professionals to manage and lead their companies and organizations.  

Who can pursue PMP Certification in Pune?

If you love to manage projects, to make sure that everything and everyone is working to the best of their ability, and if you wish to be challenged in your career, then you are a desired candidate for PMP Certification in Pune.  

Candidates who wish to be PMP certified must meet specific educational and professional experience requirements to be eligible for PMP certification in Pune.

Do you have a four-year degree in the relevant field? Then you have to follow these requirements.

● Minimum two years of professional project management experience

● In directing or leading the projects, you have about 4500 hours of work experience

● Having Project Management Education with at least 35 hours 

If you don’t have a four-year degree but have a high school diploma, then you have to meet the following requirements.

● Minimum 5 years of professional project management experience

● In project management, you have almost 7500 hours of work experience

● Having project management education with at least 35 hours 

Before submitting your application, you have to add all project management work experience within the last eight years consecutively.

Moreover, now figure out about those who can get PMP Certification in Pune

Project Managers, Associate/ Assistant Project Managers, Team Leads/ Team Managers, Software Developers, Project Executives, Project Engineers, or any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager.

Key features of PMP Certification in Pune

PMP certification training is designed in Pune in order to help students to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt. The key features of the PMP certification are given below.

● 35 contact hours /PDUs

● Access to digital materials recommended by PMI

● 8 simulation test papers, each carrying 180 queries

● Experiential learning through case studies

Core benefits of PMP Certification in Pune

Once you get your PMP Certification in Pune, you will not only become a globally certified project management professional, but you can boost your career in various industries. Information Technology, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and many other fields are awaiting their enhancement. So, be PMP certified and serve in the corporate sectors with your pro expertise. 

What you will get after PMP Certification in Pune

The core benefits you have already learned, but some other expertise you will get while the journey of becoming a PMP certified in Pune. 

Team Building Skills

Building a team is so crucial in the corporate sector. So, you will get aware of defining team ground rules, building a shared understanding, engaging in supporting virtual teams, and more.

Managing conflicts

Where a team is working, conflicts can happen at the spot. So, you will get a better understanding of managing conflicts, leading a team, supporting team performance, and ensuring team members and stakeholders. 

Negotiating project agreements

Negotiating project agreements are quite significant to grow a business. So, you will get knowledge of how to negotiate project agreements to lead a strong team and stakeholders. 

Choosing the right project methodology

An appropriate methodology to carry on a project is so important. So, you will get a better understanding of how to select an apt method for any project, plan and manage scope, budget, and resources.  

Risk management

Risks can be associated with the projects. So, here you will learn to engage stakeholders, manage and plan scope, assess and manage risk, and much more. 

Governing projects

To govern a project, the importance of a Project Management Professional is inevitable. So, you will get a proper roadmap of how to determine appropriate project methods and practices, even after adding some changes, then establish project governance.  

Delivering business value

Establishing a business is not enough in the corporate world. Its value also has to be delivered. So, you will learn about how to execute a project in the urgency required to deliver business value, manage communications and risks. 

Emotional intelligence 

The supreme requirement to run a successful business, you have to be emotionally intelligent. So, you will learn how to keep the team on track, including managing conflicts, collaborating with stakeholders, and applying the apt rules over the team.

Continuous process improvement

Any business or organization needs to be improved day by day. So, you will be aware of evaluating and addressing internal and external business environment changes and employ continuous processes. 

Project continuity

Once you finalize a project, its continuity needs to be maintained until the desired outcome you get. So, you will learn how to manage project changes, issues and ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity.  

Business analysis

Once you get a PMP Certification in Pune, you will learn how to evaluate business and environment changes to support organizational change and improvement.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, you have got enough knowledge related to PMP Certification in Pune. Figure out all the pinpoints and be an integral part of the corporate world because the need for efficient and smart project managers has been increasing day by day. 

So, once you become a PMP certified professional, you can easily earn a cheque of a handsome amount. 


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