Benefits of positivity and tips to enhance it in students

Benefits of positivity and tips to enhance it in students

Hardships, ups, downs, and difficulties are part of everybody’s life. But the one thing which can help us to overcome these hardships, obstacles and keep going forward to accomplish goals and objectives is positivity. A positive mindset refers to the thoughts and activities that make us trust our capabilities, learn acceptance, and keep forwarding in life by taking things optimistically.

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 But many of today’s generation of kids lack this. Stress, anxiety, behavioral issues, overthinking, and self-doubt make students less optimistic. Let us discuss some benefits of being positive and a few tips that teachers can follow to make learners develop a positive attitude.

Benefits of positive attitude for students

  • Better health

A stressed, overthinking, and anxious mindset reduces mental health, physical health and affects work effectiveness in the students too. But by building a positive mindset, students stay more composed, active, and relaxed. This enhances their mental and physical health.

  • Boosts self-confidence

Overthinking, and self-doubt are the main reasons why students stay more negative. But when students develop an optimistic attitude, they tend to believe in themselves more. They start trusting their abilities, boosts their self-esteem and confidence level, furthermore motivating them for good work.

  • Improved work quality

With positivity, students start trusting their abilities and constructively work to overcome challenges and weaknesses. This makes them more dedicated and effective at learning and other duties. This improves their work quality.

Tips for teachers to enhance positivity in students

1. Normalize students mistakes, don’t make perfection a hype

Making mistakes is common with all of us. But when teachers will scold or become too judgemental when students make mistakes, the positivity in the classroom is reduced. It makes students feel stressed and anxious. Also, they start self-doubting their abilities. Not all students have the same learning methods and speeds.

 If you will make them go for perfection as like the class topper, students might start comparing each other and this leads to unhealthy competition. All teachers must avoid this and normalize students’ mistakes. Teach them, and guide them to make the class environment positive.

2. Work on building a positive classroom environment

The environment around us plays an important deciding role in whether we can stay positive or not. If in a classroom, students fight, cooperate less, judge each other, some are dominating over others, etc, a negative environment is built.

 All teachers therefore must focus on building a positive classroom environment where students feel secure and happy. This will help students to develop an optimistic attitude too. Greet and treat your students well, paste positive quotes in the classroom boards, etc are some activities that teachers can follow to build a positive classroom.

3. Set rules for the class

For making students positive, setting rules in the class will surely help. Inappropriate behavioral qualities affect the positivity of the mind to a large extent. If students will be irritated, less empathetic, rude, and arrogant with each other, this will make them possess negative vibes for each other.

To overcome these problems and make students positive, setting and explaining rules will surely help. For example, respecting each other, not judging, interrupting when one is speaking, sharing, helping, and supporting each other. This will not only help students to become positive but also more disciplined furthermore helping in the school management and smooth functioning too.

4. Practice mediation in the classroom

The main reason which reduces positivity in students is stress and anxiety issues. Well, some amount of stress is normal with all of us but excessive stress can affect learning, growth, and development. To overcome this problem, one of the best solutions is meditation.

Only asking students to meditate at home won’t work that well as some will do and some will avoid. And therefore, all teachers must make meditation compulsory in the classes whether teaching via an online classroom app or traditionally. With meditation, students become relaxed, calm, and composed which makes them positive too.

5. Interact with all the students

Students suffer from several problems and situations which make them more stressed and anxious. But when they get someone with whom they can share their problems and receive affection and suggestions can help students to think positively and hence teachers must interact and communicate with every student of the class. This way students will feel valued and important which helps them to become optimistic.


Positivity in life plays an important role in the growth and development of an individual. And many students suffer from a lack of it. Better health, work quality, confidence, and motivation are some of the benefits of students having a positive attitude. We discussed a few tips that teachers can follow to encourage and enhance positive attitudes and thinking in the students.


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