8 Best Practises for a Secure Browsing Experience

8 Best Practises for a Secure Browsing Experience

Unsafe surfing can lead to a number of threats; the harder one include loss of personal information, poor device performance, scams that get money out of you, and more.

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You need to browse the web carefully to avoid getting into trouble. Read the tips mentioned in this article for safer usage of the World Wide Web.

Keep Your Privacy Settings on

Marketers always try to know about your personal details and the things you are interested in, so do the hackers. They learn about you from your social media channels and browsing data. Though the web browsers and operating systems integrate settings that help protect your privacy on online channels. 

Make sure to learn about these privacy settings and enable them for all good reasons. 

Provide Limited Personal & Professional Details

The recruiters or employers are not interested in knowing about your personal relationship status, which brand you drive, or other similar things. They only want to know about your skills, professional experience, qualifications, and accomplishments. To add to it, they would only like to see your contact details. 

Never provide every single bit of your personal details to a billion people online.  

Scan Your Computer for Viruses

Virus and malware intrusions are the major threat to personal data. Whether you are using Windows, macOS, or any other operating system, make sure to scan your devices regularly against viruses to prevent any data leaks. Advanced antivirus applications offer security against browsing data, keeping it safe and protected.

As per https://setapp.com/, several ways help you detect if your computer is a victim of a virus attack and what you can do to remove it from the device.  

Follow Safe Browsing Tips

What it feels like walking through an unsafe neighborhood, so how can you walk through the most unsafe surroundings online. Hackers and cybercriminals know that people get easily duped with good content. They follow every single practice to attract your attention through lurid content; it’s your responsibility to follow the best browsing practices.

One careless click can cost you your personal information and sometimes savings too. So try to be careful as much as you can. 

Use Secure VPN

A VPN connection encrypts your IP address so that your browsing history, as well as the details of data that you share with others, remains to you only. Your ISP provider cannot access this information or share it with advertisers and marketers. A VPN connection provides advanced security to your data as well as online activities. 

Always connect to a secure VPN connection before you share any business-critical information. 

Beware of Random Clicks

As mentioned above, one careless click can cost you personal details and your savings; you should stay aware of every single action. A malicious click can take you to the malware website that can fetch all your details, including account passwords, or financial statements, etc. Make sure to browse reliable and trustworthy websites only. 

Do not click on any suspicious links if you are not sure of their source of origin or what they are storing inside. 

Download from Reliable sources

When you are installing something, you should know the actual source and the manufacturer’s details as it will prevent you from online scams. Do not provide any credit card or bank card details unnecessarily, unless you are buying something from a well-known portal. Avoid downloading apps or programs that come from an unreliable link. 

Download software from the manufacturer’s website as payment is made only through secure gateways. 

Connect Carefully With People Online

People you meet or connect with only are not always as nice as they seem to be. Moreover, the chances are that they may not even exist in real life. So, be careful who you connect with on social media channels and keep your connections and requests limited to the people you already know in real-life. 

If you still want to add someone to your friend list, make sure to perform a thorough identity check by analyzing other social media profiles. 

Use Ad Blocker Browser Extensions

An ad blocker extension can do wonders to the overall browsing experience, not just safety. However, with regards to feeling less threatened, you can eliminate potentially dangerous online advertisements by using an ad blocker.

The next time a site wants to pop a malicious ad and redirect you to a malware-infected landing page, it will not be able to do so because an ad blocker prevents it.

Not having to waste time looking through ads and avoiding potential threats sounds like good enough reasons to get an ad blocker extension for your browser.


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