The Long-Term Effects a Car Accident Can Have on Your Life

The Long-Term Effects a Car Accident Can Have on Your Life

Victims of a severe car accident can experience long-term financial, physical, and emotional effects. Accident victims in Albany can ask for compensation for catastrophic injuries. If you look at the statistics, traffic crashes are one of the leading causes of injury-related death.  

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It is best to get help from car accident attorneys, who can help you understand the legal issues, negotiate for you, and represent you. Below is a detailed guide on how car accidents have long-term effects and how they might affect your insurance claim.

Physical Injuries

A catastrophic car crash can cause traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries. Minor injuries such as whiplash can also take months to heal. If anyone suffers from brain injury, it can lead to changes in memory and limit the ability to perform specific tasks. Some accidents, such as orthopedic ones, can leave you permanently disabled or unable to move around.

Recovering from a car accident also involves determining the extent of the injury and whether it has long-term effects. Deciding on medical expenses, lost future earnings, etc., can be challenging. The proper legal assistance from a lawyer will be of great help. 

Emotional Effects

After a crash, several people only concentrate on physical injuries; however, it is essential to deal with emotional well-being too. It is vital to receive the required treatment because these impacts may be long-lasting. For example, one might suffer from PTSD. Other long-lasting effects can be:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Irrational fears

Some people may suffer from these feelings for a long time, or maybe the rest of their life, and might require therapy. If anyone is suffering from emotional distress, then they can demand compensation.

So, if you are suffering, even if it is emotionally, you must tell your accident lawyer so that they can determine how much compensation you should ask for. They can evaluate the damages for suffering and future pain. 

Financial Damages

According to NHTSA data, around $242 billion in economic loss occurs in the United States due to car accidents. Financial damages come in three forms: property damage, income loss, and medical expenses.  

Property Damages

When a car accident happens, it can cause severe damage to the car. The body can have substantial damage, which can cost a lot of money to repair, and there are instances where the vehicle must be disposed of. Since this money goes from the pocket of the victim, so they are eligible to ask for compensation if the accident was due to the other party’s fault. 

Income Loss

If someone suffers from severe injury, it might hamper their work and their source of income. Even if the injuries are minor, you still won’t be able to work for a few days, which means you will suffer from loss of income for the days you won’t be able to work. 

Medical Expense

One of the significant financial effects of being involved in a car crash is the medical expenses that come with it. If the injuries lead to surgery, the costs rise significantly. One of the most significant effects on victims and their families is the high expense of medical care.


It can be challenging to recover from the consequences of a sudden crash, and it can be traumatizing fully. The first thing you must do is take care of your physical needs. If you are seeking compensation, you must always consider future losses, as you might continue to suffer from long-term effects. An experienced lawyer will help you understand how much you can get in future losses and guide you through the challenging claim process. 


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