The Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

The Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

Training is very important in order to prevent possible behavior problems for dogs. In any case, each dog learns and educates itself differently. Check out the list of top 10 easiest dog breeds to train.

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In Spain there are some 13 million registered pets, according to data from the Spanish Companion Animal Identification Network (REIAC). From these figures, it is estimated (based on surveys) that 89% of the data represents dogs. Of course, each person prefers one breed of dog over another, for various reasons. For example, there are certain dogs that are more suitable for people who live alone and others that are easier to train. For those who are interested in this last question, we tell you which are the easiest dog breeds to train.

The 10 easiest dog breeds to train

1. Rottweiler

First of all, in the case of the Rottweiler, we have a dog with a noble and calm character, and also very intelligent. Therefore, it will be quite easy to carry out a basic education on this dog. To achieve this, when the Rottweiler is a puppy, it must learn the most basic commands and rules, in such a way that it has to know words such as “no”, “stay”, “sit” and “come”, among other simple commands.

2. Australian Cattle Dog

In the case of the Australian Cattle Dog, we also find a very stable breed and they rarely get defensive. For this reason, they are called “ranchers”: because they are used to care for cattle given their loyal behavior under orders.

3. Labrador retriever

In the chaos of the Labrador Retriever we also find ourselves before a very intelligent breed. In addition, it is a sociable, calm dog with an excellent learning ability. These skills make them a perfect breed to be a police dog, since they have different facets such as search and rescue dogs or can perfectly perform jobs in anti-drug and explosives operations.

4. Doberman

A Doberman is a breed that is characterized by being friendly, peaceful, affectionate, familiar and sensitive. As in all cases, it is much easier to train a Doberman when it is a puppy, and not when it is an adult. In order to train him, we have to subject him to early socialization to avoid future problems. In any case, it is recommended to be very patient during your education and always use positive reinforcement.

5. Papillon

In the same way, the Papillon is a sociable and affectionate dog (although there are always exceptions). In addition, what happens to this breed is that they easily adapt to any lifestyle. Therefore, it is quite easy to educate them.

6. Shetland Sheepdog

As with the Australian Shepherd, the Shetland Sheepdog is a dog that was originally trained for herding, so it tends to have a very loyal behavior with others. In any case, it is important to teach him to socialize from a young age.

7. Border collie

The Border Collie is also a dog with a great predisposition for herding functions. As for his character: he is naturally active, focused and obedient. For the Border (and for the rest of the dogs) it is necessary to acquire a training package: a collar or harness, a regulation leash, a long leash, a fanny pack, treats or snacks and toys.

8. German Shepherd

In the case of the German shepherd, we also find a noble and easy-to-train dog. However, he is of great strength and size and is likely to take on the leadership role easily, so it is important to train him from a young age.

9. Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is a tremendously good dog, which is ideal as a guide or therapy dog. In order to train a Golden Retriever, first of all, we have to reward good behaviors or successes; second, rewards for negative behaviors must be eliminated, and in any case, you must be patient and consistent.

10. Poodle

The poodle is a very easy dog ​​to train because it has a good character. Above all, it is very suitable for all members of the family and is especially suitable for living with young children. The priority in training a Poodle is controlling its needs.


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