Financial app development company: how to choose

Financial app development company: how to choose

When you’re challenged with a task to find a trustworthy contractor for development of money-related solutions, you can be puzzled with the diversity of offers on the internet and looking for criteria on how to navigate in this ocean. 

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In most cases you’re looking for the talented experts with a proven experience in the field, reliability and responsiveness, and ability to juggle all the requirements fast and without loss of quality. Whatever you’re intending to grow: simple budgeting app for housewives or a complicated banking app, innovative payment service, investment platform or a personal accounting app, it’s desirable to deal with those who know a lot about financial app development. Furthermore, financial app development company with talented experts onboard can take you by the hand and lead you from concept stage to delivery one.¬†

Clutch and GoodFirms curate the lists of financial app development companies from different countries ranked in accordance with the clients’ reviews. You can read the customer’s feedback and find out whether there’s a team that shares your company’s values. 

As for price and quality, the most adequate ratio is usually offered by agencies located in Eastern Europe. They charge 30%-50% less than US based colleagues, but perform with a high quality and responsibility. Starting financial app development, these IT experts, as a rule, are ready to go an extra mile in order to make the client happy with the results. 

To help you not to lose track, we have selected several financial app development teams with the average 5.0-star score on the resources mentioned above. Check their portfolio, read reviews and decide whether it resonates with your vision of a perfectly matching partner. 

Top 5 financial app development companies


With 165+ positive reviews on Upwork, this studio definitely deserves attention. 

The Purrweb team has incredibly talented designers and skillful project managers, and the guys are proud of tens of the 5-stars reviews on Clutch. The clients note the high level of competence of specialists and their genuine care for the projects. Paired with great communication skills and perfect working ethics, these features make the Purrweb a perfect match for financial app development projects where high fidelity UI/UX design and careful approach to data security matters. 

Nord Clan

Though the studio was founded recently, in 2019, the guys gained recognition on GoodFirms. 21 5-stars reviews confirm the team can be on the same vibe with their clients and achieve required results. As the newbies, they are eager to get a good reputation. Focused on financial technologies the team honed its expertise in building convenient solutions for business. For example, the guys were trusted to deliver a vehicle insurance service that united all the major insurance companies for you’re looking for a delicate approach to personal data security and information safety, the team seems to be a good choice for financial app development.


Another company with a 5-star assessment on Clutch. With 18 years on the market, the studio excites clients with the ability to take in account all the project details and allocate extra resources to ensure the completion of tasks. The guys implemented new features into the apps for banks, e-commerce and edtech solutions. The customers are impressed with their professionalism and entire readiness to adjust to requirements.


One more top rated software development company on is itCraft.The team is proud of well known brands in their portfolio and successful fundraising for startups due to the completed projects. The clients note that every penny spent on the app development with the team is worth spending as the guys provide a clear project outline and schedule, and, what is more important, desirable results. 


Headquartered in Serbia, the team was included in the list of top 15 financial software services on the Clutch site. All the 5-stars reviews say the experts have a proactive approach to work and are genuinely committed to the projects. The team coordinates tasks well, works fast, and always makes sure to attend to the client’s needs promptly. And their mobile development skills also live up to customers’ expectations.

Why does your fintech startup need qualified help?

When you conceive financial app development, you face the task of inventing an attractive and convenient solution that will inspire people to use it and recommend it to others. Like any other type of product, the financial app has a better chance for popularity when it is tailored by experts in this domain. 

UI/UX design is a foundation and centerpiece for smooth and effective interaction of users with the app. Make sure the team you’re planning to work with, is a skillful and smart UI and UX design magician. Perfectly structured, user-friendly, and visually pleasing user interface serves for attraction and retaining of users who appreciate solutions which save time and effort. 

You can pick the UI/UX design team for starting your project, but it’s more efficient when you work from A to Z with the same experts, so they can give deep into the project and carefully design and develop what you need. For example, Purrweb is a full cycle financial app development company that can assist you from the research stage to delivery. The guys have strong skills in UI and UX design and know how to turn a prototype into a fully working product that users love. As you can get a full range of services in one place, except marketing support, you save budget by saving time/effort for coordination of different experts/teams. 

Law compliance in financial app development

When you want to build an investment app or payment app or any other type of financial solution, you should check whether your business is compliant to the law in different countries. Before starting financial app development, make sure there’s no legitimate barriers for the business and get all the required licenses and permissions if needed. Bear in mind, if you plan to build, for example, an international payment platform, you have to accord your activity with legislation in each country where the services will be available. 

Summarizing thoughtsRegardless of the product’s specificity you want to deliver, put user experience in the center of the financial app development process. Trust the company that can adjust all the features with customer’s interests and preferences, and tailor the product in accordance with your business goals. Excellent communication skills, relevant portfolio, skillful UI/UX team and back end team, and a bunch of top rated assessments from clients are the signals that you’ve met a promising contractor for your financial app development.


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