Ginger Software Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons

Ginger Software Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons

The Best Grammar Checker Software of 2023

The grammar checker software has come as a great help to you to check and correct English grammar. Since the corrections are made automatically, you don’t even have to do it yourself. We are listing below five such online automatic grammar checkers which are currently popular:

Grammarly: This grammar checker is popular the world over due to checking grammatical mistakes instantaneously. Moreover, it corrects grammatical mistakes automatically. This software can also help you learn grammar by learning the mistakes that you have committed while writing a piece in English.
Ginger: This grammar mistake-checking software is also used all over the world as a language tool to automatically correct grammatical mistakes. You can find out where you have gone grammatically by viewing the correction done by it.
Hemingway Editor: This is a unique software that gives you feedback (pointing out where you have gone wrong) after auto-correcting the text and also its style. It can help you to learn sentence structure to improve your grasp of English grammar.
Language Tool: It has several features besides correcting grammar. It can proofread the written piece and also correct the spelling. Besides English, it corrects the grammar of 19 other languages. As a result, it is being used very widely across the world by users of different languages.
ProWritingAid: This software has gained much popularity due to its quickness in correcting a sentence concerning grammar and also pointing out where you have gone wrong. This software also auto-corrects punctuation marks and spelling mistakes.

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Head to Head: How Our Pick for Best Grammar Checker

Your best pick for a grammar checker depends on the in-built facilities that they have. You can pick the grammar checker if they have the following five specialties:

Artificial Intelligence enabled grammar checking tool
Software specially designated for academic and technical writing purposes
Embedded with all grammar laws, dictionary, tone and syntax
Spell check and contextual spelling correction ability
Real-time writing suggestions or alternative writing methods for a sentence
Software ability to do proofreading.

Which One is the Best Grammar Checker For Your Writing?

The best grammar checker is the one that corrects grammar, spelling errors, typos, passive voice and punctuation marks. Your selection of the best grammar checker should be based on these parameters. Among the grammar checkers, you can consider ginger grammar as the best one.

This is a user-friendly software that takes care of all issues related to writing whether it is academic or scientific. It also suits all sorts of writing in English. Hence, you can consider it as the best one. Grammarly also has very good software. It can be your second choice for grammar checks.

What Features Does Ginger Have?

Ginger grammar check is a versatile one as it has several in-built features. The five main features of Ginger are explained below:

  • it has a thesaurus or dictionary that corrects the spells.
  • it can act as an online tool to proofread your written piece
  • it helps your written piece for a complete grammar check
  • Ginger is very useful as it also checks irregular verbs and adverbs, corrects confusing words and follows all rules of grammar of the English language
  • it identifies the correction that ideally suits the meaning of the original sentence.

How To Use Ginger Writer?

If you are using Ginger Writer, you can use two different modes or ways to correct your written piece. The two ways are:

Review Mode: Under this mode, you can take the following steps to check the grammar of your written text:

  • Your first step is to put the cursor on the text
  • After this, press F2 or click the G in the Ginger Gadget at the top of the screen
  • Ginger Writer will start grammar check and show you the grammatical and composition errors

Live Mode: you can activate online continuous checking in the following manner:

under the online continuous checking, Ginger highlights the word that needs to be changed to fit in grammatically through light blue colour. As you write your piece, this light blue colouring will appear.
Words that need to be corrected will be done automatically.
This process of correction is that above the light blue highlighted word opens a bubble with the right word suggestion. You can correct it by clicking the bubble. The incorrect word will be corrected.

Ginger Free vs. Paid Version

Ginger has both free and paid versions. When you compare Ginger Free vs. Paid Version, you find the following picture of comparison:

Free Version: This allows you grammar check without any payment. However, there is a limit to the number of grammatical corrections you can avail of. There is a weekly limit to such corrections. On reaching this limit, Ginger will ask for the paid version. It has some benefits that you can make use of.

The following are its benefits:

  • Free grammar check tool automatically spots grammatical mistakes
  • Giving suggestions on grammatical error correction
  • Paraphrasing your sentences
  • Suggest alternative synonyms to make your written piece look better

Paid Version: Ginger has two paid versions: Basic and Premium. Both these versions are explained below:

Basic: This paid version permits you to use the grammar checker tool without any limit.

Premium: It has several features which are listed below:

  • The benefit of translation service
  • There is no limit to the grammar checker tool
  • You also avail of three other tools which are: Sentence Rephraser, Personal Trainer and Text Reader tools.

Ginger Pros & Cons

Ginger grammar check has a large number of benefits compared to its minus points. Pros are more as compared to cons. You can understand this by making a comparative study of the pros and cons:


the cost of paid versions is low
it has an in-built dictionary that automatically corrects the spelling mistakes
it has a Personal Trainer feature
The text Reader feature of Ginger is very useful from the linguistic point of view
Ginger is available on multiple gadgets. Besides your PC or computer, you can also use your mobile set, MAC, Windows and browser to avail of the service
it has a cloud-based software
it explains where you had gone wrong and why?


Ginger does not help check plagiarism (as a result, you cannot get a 100% original certificate of a particular text)
no browser extension for Firefox
often it has been found that Ginger does not spot all the mistakes in a text

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Ginger Review

On reviewing Ginger, we find that it is a very useful tool and its software can meet most of the needs of our text-writing corrections. While the two paid versions are very much useful, the free version is also a helpful tool. Overall, it has more benefits or pros than cons. One major benefit is that Ginger can find out grammatical errors in the use of both common and uncommon grammar.

Ginger is a complete grammatical package as its software not only corrects grammatical mistakes but also amends the spelling, puts punctuation marks in the text where necessary and lets you know much about synonyms.

Easy to Use

Ginger is user-friendly. You can use a large number of platforms to use this grammar checker. You can take its help in almost all digital platforms including Microsoft, Mac, IOS, Android, and some browsers (Safari, Edge and Chrome). You can use your mobile set to avail of its service while on the move (or if you don’t have a PC). Practically speaking, you can use it easily in any part of the world where you have an internet connection.


You have to follow the settings to operate Ginger. This requires a specific modus operandi. Setting can be done in a specific manner. You have to incorporate Ginger capabilities in an ASCF SmartClient application. For this, you are required to make three changes to the application’s JNLP deployment.

They are:

  • Add a tag to the workspace. xml file
  • Adds the Ginger jar to the JNLP descriptor file
  • And adds the signed Ginger JAR to the JNLP WAR.


Ginger offers its premium version at a price. The pricing structure runs as follows:

Monthly: $13.99 / month
Quarterly: 4 11. 19 / month
Annual: $ 6.99 / month
Two years: $ 4. 99 / month

Overall Quality

Ginger software is Artificial Intelligence enabled. It is particularly useful for non-native English-speaking persons. It is rated as one of the best and most useful tools to check grammar, correct spelling, incorporate paraphrasing and auto-correct many discrepancies that you may write in a sentence or text.

Microsoft Word Extension

This tells your PC or computer which application has been created or can open the file and which icon to use for the file. To explain this, the docx extension tells your PC or computer that MS Word can open the file and display a Word icon when you view it in File Explorer.

Windows file names have two parts separated by a period:

i. filename
ii. a three- or four-character extension that defines the file type.

Ginger Page For Desktop & iOS

Ginger Page is a cross-platform App. This App is available for Windows, Chrome, Android and iOS. But the access process of Ginger Page varies from platform to platform.

You can use this for desktops in PC and laptops and iOS.

For desktop, you have to double-click the Ginger Page shortcut to launch or launch Ginger Page for Windows from the Start Menu. To launch Ginger Page for iOS, you can access Ginger Page by tapping the Ginger Page icon.

Ginger Keyboard App

This is an AI-enabled App. It was created using ultra-sophisticated state-of-the-art technology. Knowledge of every aspect of the English language and literature has been embedded in this App making it versatile to find out any grammatical mistake instantaneously.

Ginger Browsers Extensions

This is a great benefit that you can derive from Ginger grammar checker. To exemplify, if you are typing something on any social media platform like Facebook, Linkedin or in Gmail, you can reap the benefit of real-time suggestions in language and the use of spellings.

Ginger Browsers Extensions Can be Done by:

download Ginger for Chrome at the Chrome web store
after this, click the blue + free button which you can locate at the right-hand corner of the screen
after you have clicked, a window will pop-up to ask you for your permission to add the Ginger Chrome extension.
you are required to click the button Add to get the Ginger Browsers extension.

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Ginger vs. Grammarly – Which Will Spot More Mistakes Test?

Both grammar checkers are good and have their relative pros and cons. While Grammarly helps check plagiarism, Ginger does not have this facility. But grammar-checking and spell-checking can be done by both of these tools. Both these tools are AI-enabled. As a result, the time they take to detect grammar mistakes is almost the same. As far as more mistakes in a text and their identification is concerned, both tools are almost equal in their efficiencies.

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