GMR Transcription: Review, Remote WFH Jobs & Careers

GMR Transcription: Review, Remote WFH Jobs & Careers

What are Transcription Jobs?

This type of job requires listening to the audio recording like that of a lecture or discussion and typing it out without any changes. In other words, you are converting an audio to a written format. Such jobs do not require any specific qualification or experience. But this job is in great demand, particularly in the field of medical science and legal practice. 

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Is GMR Transcription Legit?

Yes, it is legitimate. Founded in 2004 and based out of Tustin, California (USA), GMR Transcription Services is known for high-quality transcription services. Having a large number of offices located in various parts of the USA, GMR provides transcription services to different industries including schools and colleges, government agencies, NGOs, law firms and medical companies.

20 Places to Find The Best Typing Jobs From Home

You can find online transcription jobs easily. There are a large number of companies operating in almost all parts of the world to transcribe audio into written format. We are listing out 20 such transcription companies where you can work sitting in your home:

Rev: It is quite a well know company having about 170,000 customers spread all over the world. If your English is good matching the mother-tongue level, you can join this transcribing company. You need not have any prior experience. 

TranscribeMe: This company is known for its accuracy in transcribing issues related to medical science. It also customizes Special Styles for its premium clients. It also imparts you with training for online happy scribe.  

Quicktate: It offers a wide array of transcribing services including academic, business, medical and legal. This company usually recruits only experienced transcribers in English and a few other languages. 

SpeakWrite: This can be a good job option for you if you want to become a professional transcriber. But there is one issue related to this job opportunity. You need to be a legal resident of either the USA or Canada to apply for a job with this company. 

Crowdsurf: This company hires freelance transcribers. One of the jobs may involve creating video captions for the deaf.  

Tigerfish: This company is quite well-known and has a long list of clients. It usually prefers experienced transcriptionists. It guarantees time-bound delivery of transcriptions. 

Casting Words: This company follows an open-ended recruitment policy under which you can always apply for the position of transcriptionist. Casting Word may take a preliminary test to judge your capacity to transcribe a piece within a specific time. 

Heads Up: If you want to work as a freelance transcriber, this company may suit you. 

Scribie: This company also gives Artificial Intelligence generated transcriptions with 80% to 95% accuracy and human-generated pieces with 99% accuracy. 

Ditto Transcripts: Usually, this company prefers transcribers based in the USA. The company specializes in transcription services for the administrative departments of government, law enforcement agencies, and academic, financial, and medical science. 

eScribers: This US-based company specializes in legal transcriptions. If you are not living in the USA, you should not apply for a job as this company recruits one who is legally “eligible” to work in the US. However, it also recruits some freelance who are not living in the USA. 

3Play Media: Specializing in English and Spanish transcriptions, this company uses proprietary transcription software. As a result, if you working as a freelance transcriber, you have to be familiarized with this software.  

Babbletype: Specializing in market research, the reports carry interviews, market surveys and public opinions. You can join this company as a freelancer provided you can transcribe 30-minute videos and convert the audio into written words. 

Way With Words: If your English is of mother tongue level, you can join this company as a freelancer. It gives you initial training in different types of accents of English spoken by people in different parts of the world. 

GoTranscript: Into the transcription business for about 10 years, this company’s portfolio of work is quite diversified. It is engaged in the transcription of police investigation reports and different sorts of research reports.  

Pioneer Transcription Services: You have to give a transcription test to be eligible to work as a freelancer or as a permanent staff. 

Daily Transcription: It specializes in corporate and business, entertainment, legal and academic transcriptions. If you are joining this company, you will be given training.

Transcript Divas: This company is known for maintaining its standard and has quite a good name in the transcription business market. After giving the tests, you can join this company. There is one tag attached to its recruitment policy. It does not recruit anyone from California. Rest all are welcome to apply for a job and work with it.  

Cambridge Transcriptions: It specializes in flawless transcriptions. Founded in 1989 at Cambridge in Massachusetts, the company is well known for transcriptions in the areas of business, the corporate world and legal affairs.

Speechpad: It has transcribers spread in different parts of the world. It also helps transcribers by facilitating the availability of its software to deliver the written products or transcribed products in time to meet the deadline of the clients. 

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Pros of Transcription Work with GMR

GMR has several pros. They are:

  1. Giving opportunities to those who do not have prior experience in transcription jobs. 
  2. This is a good option for beginners.
  3. It is a large company. 
  4. It always has job vacancies.
  5. Payment is timely. 
  6. If you know Spanish, you can get a job immediately. 
  7. Jobs for English transcribers are always available. 

GMR Transcription Test

GMR has some qualifying criteria. After passing the initial transcription tests that mainly check your capabilities to transcribe the audio with total accuracy, you will be given the jobs. 

Rounds of GMR tests involve:  

  1. sample audio for transcription (the company will send you the audio through email)
  2. Usually, the first audio sent to you could be one of poor quality. This is done purposely to check, test and judge your ability to transcribe a piece even from poor-quality audio.
  3. You will be placed on probation for some time if you pass this test. 

GMR Transcription Pay

The website of GMR mentions the monthly pay structure at a range from $1000 to $3000. If you are quick in transcription jobs, you can earn more. At the same time, you also get higher payment for transcribing videos of poor quality. The usual or standard GMR transcription pay ranges from $0.70 to $1.25 per audio minute. 

Drawbacks to Working for GMR

There are only a very few cons or drawbacks of working with the GMR. They are listed below:

  1. If you don’t have knowledge of medical science, especially medicine, you may find it a bit difficult to work here. 
  2. In the transcription job, a large number of medical terms are used. Hence, you may find it difficult to know their meaning unless you have made some prior studies. 

A Few More Things to Consider

If you are contemplating joining GMR as a freelancer, you may consider the following:

  1. For general transcription jobs, you can always find a vacancy. The job profile may include mainly academic and business. 
  2. For medical and legal transcription, they recruit only specialized people who have medical and legal knowledge. 
  3. You will be given audios that usually include discussions in different forums, lectures in meetings and different other lectures on academic subjects. 
  4. The company is quite strict about the deadline given to you. 

GMR Transcription Reviews

It is rated as a good company. As a result, the reviews are also mostly positive. On different platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed, you find positive reviews. Let us have a look at it: 

Glassdoor: GMR gets 4.2 out of 5 (based on 17 reviews) on Glassdoor. The reviews find GMR: 

i. a very good company

ii. providing very good remote work or work-from-home job opportunities 

iii. GMR staff members are responsive to you and ready to help you perform your job

Indeed: It gives an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 (from 4 reviewers). Indeed also reviews the pros and cons of working with GMR. It runs as follows:   


i. work from home job is quite flexible to suit most of all working for it

ii. payment is timely


i. It lacks consistency in the allotment of the world

ii. it is purely a temporary job

An overall assessment proves that GMR is a good company to work with. 

The Probationary Period at GMR Transcription

The probationary period for new recruits will be the completion of two hours of audio transcription. Your transcription work will be thoroughly proofread to judge whether you are suitable for the company. After this probationary period, you can start working permanently.  

Online Transcription Jobs: A Great Work-At-Home Opportunity

Working from home has become a neo-norm in the world for online transcribers. A large number of people are currently working remotely from different parts of the world. 

You can also avail of this benefit by joining a company to work online for transcription work. For this, you mainly do:

i. Listen to the video 

ii. Put spoken version into words 

iii. Correct your written piece to make it error-free

iv. Correct grammatical mistakes that a speaker might have committed while delivering a lecture

v. Put audio or audio-visual of an interview (or a person or celebrity) into a transcription without changing words but after correcting grammatical mistakes. 

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Final Thoughts on GMR Transcription

GMR, as the reviews of the company show, is a good company. If you are planning to join it as a transcriptionist, you can go ahead. The reviews prove it pays on time and the amount of money you can earn actually depends upon the quantity of transcribed files that you do. This is a major consideration for you to work with it. 

GMR Translator Opportunities Too

GMR also offers you a chance to work as a translator. If you know the following languages besides English, you can join the translation service of this company:

i. English to Spanish (and vice versa) 

ii. English to Arabic (and vice versa)

iii. Mandarin ((and vice versa)  

If you are interested in this job portfolio, it may involve translation from:

i. documents

ii. business service translation

iii. employee handbook translation

iv. agreements/ contracts

v. brochures/advertisement matters/catalogs

vi. scripts

vii. technical materials

viii. website content translation

ix. user manuals

x. legal documents

GMR can offer you a large number of scopes for translation jobs.

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