When to Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney

When to Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycles are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation. As cities tend to get overcrowded with people and vehicles, riding a bicycle may seem like a convenient solution for a seamless commute. The lightweight, compact mode of transportation may allow you to cruise easily on busy streets. However, it can make you susceptible to dangers on the roads, including bicycle accidents.

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According to statistics, around 1,000 deaths can be attributed to bicycle-related road accidents. Moreover, over 130,000 bicycle injuries are reported every year. While most cyclists take all the necessary precautions to avoid a bicycle mishap on the road, sometimes it’s inevitable, and they end up in a crash. Fortunately, the legal system in the United States offers protection to the victims of bicycle accidents by providing them monetary compensation for all the damages they have experienced. If you are injured in a bicycle accident, you need to hire a bicycle accident attorney to claim compensation. 

In what follows, we look at a few situations when you should hire a bicycle accident lawyer immediately following an accident.

You Have Sustained Serious Physical Injuries 

If you have experienced a severe accident on the bike resulting from the negligence of another person or party and you have sustained severe injuries, In that case, you need to hire a legal expert. 

Since physical injuries involve various treatments and associated costs, a reliable legal expert can help you get the reasonable remuneration you deserve by negotiating with the negligent party and your insurance company. 

Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Offer Rightful Compensation

It is possible that an insurance company doesn’t offer appropriate compensation for all your damages. It’s often the case when you have experienced severe injuries and make expensive claims. 

A reliable and experienced bicycle accident attorney can help you get the proper compensation in such a situation. Your attorney will likely negotiate with the insurance company, which is often successful. However, if your insurance company doesn’t offer rightful compensation despite negotiation, your attorney can take legal action against them. 

Your Insurance Company Rejects Your Damage Claim

In unavoidable accidents involving the bike, the insurance company can reject the injured person’s claim for damages. It often happens when the injured individual (or their representative) cannot prove liability for the negligent party. 

However, if you have genuinely suffered injuries due to a bicycle accident, hiring a legal expert can ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Your attorney will gather evidence to prove you innocent and worthy of compensation and facilitate you in the process of receiving the damage claim. 

You’re Unable to Determine the Negligent Party 

Every bike accident involves an injured or hurt, but it also involves a negligent party who is at fault and is responsible for the accident. While the victim may be the negligent party in some situations, that’s not always the case. 

If you have been injured due to a bicycle accident and have trouble identifying the negligent party responsible for the accident, hiring a bicycle accident attorney can help. Your legal expert will assist you in finding out who is at fault so you can claim your damages. 

You’re Unsure About Your Claim 

For individuals involved in road accidents associated with a bicycle, it’s not always easy to determine the claim amount or the compensation for their damages. In that case, hiring a bicycle accident lawyer makes a viable solution as they estimate your compensation and guide you throughout the process.  

Get the Legal Assistance You Need

If you have been involved in an accident on the road with your bike, it is best to seek legal assistance immediately. Although your recovery following the mishap is a priority, getting the proper support from an experienced attorney is essential. When you hire the legal services of an expert, you can focus on your recovery while the professional expert takes care of the legal matters. 


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