How to Change the Default Google Account

How to Change the Default Google Account

For a long time, Google has allowed us to have several linked email accounts , that is, several of our email accounts that we can access from one to another easily without having to enter the password each time. But what is clear is that one of the accounts is the default , that is, the “main”. Do you want to know how to change the default Google account? Do not lose detail of what happens in this article:

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Add more accounts to your Google account

If you have more gmail accounts than one, this article will interest you, because in case you don’t know, Google offers us the option to add more accounts to the same account . If we go to our “icon”, as we see in the following image, the linked accounts will appear . If we don’t have any, we can click on the “Add account” option to add accounts. That is, the option that we see in the lower left:

Once located here, we see that several accounts that I have personally added appear, but how do we determine which is the default? In my case, the default is Andrea Ardións, so if we change to another account, we will see that it is the one that marks as default . We see it below:

Change the default Google account

In my case, Andrea Ardións is the default account in Google, why? Because it is the first one I have selected . That is, how do I make a default account then? Through the following steps:

  • Log out of all accounts
  • Log in with the account you want to be default
  • Add more accounts (if you consider it necessary)
  • Now when you start with another account you will see how the first one you signed in with is the default

I hope that you have been more or less clear how to change the default Google account. All we have to do is close all active account sessions, and log in with the one we want to be the main one .

This option will only interest us in the event that we have more accounts and we want to add them , since if we are only going to use one we will not need to change the default Google account, much less. Any questions, do not hesitate to use the comments.

Have you managed to change the default Google account? Was it easy for you?


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