How to Refuse Amazon Delivery: Everything You Need to Know

How to Refuse Amazon Delivery: Everything You Need to Know

Certainly! You can successfully cancel an Amazon order even after it has been shipped. I know this because I recently accomplished it with a 100% success rate!

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On Wednesday, Amazon sent me a reminder email about my Subscribe & Save items, essentially saying, “Hey, we’re about to ship your order; take a look and confirm if you still want it” (paraphrasing). I intended to check it promptly, but I didn’t.

Fast forward a week, and they informed me, “We’ve dispatched the 25 pounds of organic flour and the case of Clorox wipes you didn’t decline. Expect it tomorrow!”

Panic mode is activated.

Immediately, I rushed to, navigated to Your Orders, and clicked the Cancel Items button. Amazon notified me that the items were already in transit, but they would make an effort to cancel them and update me on the outcome.

A few days later, I received an email confirming that Amazon had indeed successfully cancelled the shipment and that they would be issuing a full refund.

Once again, Amazon came to the rescue, rectifying a mistake that was entirely my fault!

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Refunding Shipped Amazon Items: How Does the Process Work?

If you visit Amazon’s help site, there’s a dedicated page providing information on cancelling Amazon orders. Towards the very bottom, there’s a small note specifically addressing the cancellation of items that have already been shipped. According to this note:

When I selected the Cancel Items button on my order that had already been shipped, I assumed that Amazon had initiated contact with UPS and instructed them to return the package to Amazon. Fortunately, I must have acted early enough for this option to be feasible.

Alternatively, if I hadn’t taken this route, I had another choice: refusing the package upon delivery. This involves not accepting the package when it arrives and instructing the delivery person to take it back.

However, refusing a package can be challenging since UPS delivery tends to be swift, often involving the delivery person ringing the doorbell, dropping the package, and swiftly departing. Online refusal isn’t possible until the initial delivery attempt is made. But if you happen to be home and can intercept the UPS delivery person, insisting they take the package back, they will comply. Subsequently, the item will be shipped back to Amazon, and a refund will be processed.

It’s essential to note that this policy applies primarily to items fulfilled by Amazon. Results may vary for items fulfilled by third-party sellers.

So, it’s worth giving the cancellation of an already-shipped order a try. The potential benefits far outweigh the risks. In my case, I had already planned to make countless pretzels with the flour, and the fact that the order was returned and refunded was a delightful surprise. Hopefully, your experience will be as fortunate as mine when you attempt it.

Amazon’s Delivery Refusal Policy

Amazon has a clear delivery refusal policy, empowering you to reject a delivery for changed intentions or incorrect items. Here’s how it works:

1. Inform the delivery person of your refusal, and they’ll leave the package at your doorstep.

2. Log into your Amazon account, locate the order, and click “Refuse delivery” to cancel the shipment.

Upon denial, the courier returns the goods to Amazon’s distribution centre, marked as “refused.” Amazon issues a refund once they receive the package. Refunds are prompt for pre-dispatch refusals, while post-dispatch refusals may take a few business days. Items like digital downloads, gift cards, and perishables can’t be refused or returned, but customer support can assist in such cases. Overall, Amazon’s delivery rejection policy ensures a hassle-free refund process when following the guidelines.

Refusing a delivery in person

If your shipment has arrived and you wish to politely decline it in person, follow these steps:

1. Do not open the package under any circumstances.

2. Mark the outside with “Return to Sender.”

3. Return the package to the delivery service (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.). If it’s at your doorstep and the delivery person is gone, schedule a pickup.

4. Obtain a tracking number or receipt as proof of the return.

5. If the carrier doesn’t accept the shipment, contact Amazon customer support to coordinate the return.

Contacting Amazon customer service

For any inquiries regarding returning items or refusing deliveries, reach out to Amazon’s customer care. Easily connect with Amazon support through your account by visiting the support page.

Ensure a seamless shopping experience on Amazon by adhering to proper procedures for both online and in-person refusals, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance from customer service if needed. Let’s now delve into the post-refusal process on Amazon and how to secure a refund.

What happens after you refuse an Amazon delivery? How do I get a refund?

Should you choose to refuse an Amazon delivery and seek a refund, specific steps must be followed. Let’s explore the aftermath of refusing an Amazon delivery:

The package returns to the Amazon warehouse. Upon refusal, the driver typically returns the package to the Amazon warehouse, marked “refused,” and reintegrates it into Amazon’s inventory.

Refund Process:

Will you receive a refund when you refuse a delivery? Upon successful refusal, a refund is usually processed for the unaccepted item(s). The refund amount depends on the refused item(s) and the reason for the denial.

For online cancellations and pre-shipments, a full refund is issued to the payment method. In cases of in-person refusal, Amazon may take several business days to complete the return and issue a refund.

Return Process: There are instances where you must send back the refused item(s) to Amazon, such as receiving an incorrect or damaged item. Here’s what to do for returns after declining delivery:

1. Visit the “Your Orders” section in your Amazon account.

2. Click “Return or Replace Items” next to the order, and follow on-screen instructions to initiate a return.

3. Amazon will email you a confirmation after a successful return.

Digital downloads, gift cards, and perishables can’t be refused or returned. For assistance or to initiate a return, contact Amazon’s support team.

Tracking the Refund:

Check the “Your Orders” section for refund status updates next to each order. Reach out to Amazon’s customer support for additional refund-related queries.

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In conclusion, navigating the process of cancelling an already-shipped Amazon order can be surprisingly successful, as demonstrated by my experience. Utilizing the Cancel Items button early in the shipping process seems to prompt Amazon to coordinate with carriers, facilitating the return of the package and a full refund.

Another option, albeit a bit more challenging, involves refusing the package upon delivery. While this may require catching the delivery person and instructing them to take the package back, it can also result in a successful return and refund.

It’s essential to take note that these choices principally apply to things satisfied by Amazon, and results might differ for things satisfied by outside vendors. Checking Amazon’s assistance site for explicit directions on dropping requests can provide important experiences customized to your circumstances.

Ultimately, my experience serves as a testament to the customer-friendly policies of Amazon, offering solutions even when mistakes are entirely the customer’s fault. With a bit of proactive action, cancelling an already-shipped order may turn out to be a viable and successful endeavour, providing a positive resolution to an initially challenging situation.


Q: How do I reject an order on Amazon?

A: If the item hasn’t shipped yet, log into your Amazon account, head to Your Account, click on Orders, select the items to cancel, and hit Cancel checked items.

Q: How do I stop an Amazon order from being delivered?

A: Check if you can cancel the delivery by clicking “Track package” and then “Cancel this delivery.” If not, initiate a free return through Amazon’s online process by finding your order and clicking “Return or replace items.”

Q: Is it okay to refuse an Amazon delivery?

A: Absolutely. If you didn’t request or don’t want the package, you can refuse the delivery either in person or by having someone else do it for you when the courier arrives.