Imginn: Anonymous Instagram Viewer and Downloader

Imginn: Anonymous Instagram Viewer and Downloader

If you love Instagram, you must be knowing that it’s impossible to download Instagram videos, photos, and stories without using any third-party apps like Imginn. Though you may come across several Instagram video downloaders, it’s difficult to go ahead with any one of them because of the lack of information online. 

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However, you need not worry. You’ve come to the right place to obtain the necessary information regarding Instagram downloader and how it works. Among various Instagram video downloaders, ImgInn is one of the best. 

What Is ImgInn? 

In simple terms, ImgInn is an online tool through which you can easily download Instagram stories and videos of any user. But that Instagram account must be public. Apart from surfing multiple Instagram users and celebrity accounts, you can easily download unlimited photos and videos from any Instagram handle that you want.

You should know that ImgInn is not an app available on Google Play Store. All you have to do is to visit its website to let the fun begin. As soon as you visit the Imginn website, you’ll see a search button there. Inside the search button, you have to correctly mention the profile Id of the Instagram account, whose photos and videos you wish to download. Once the search completes its results, you’ve to select the relevant account. 

Immediately you’ll notice the download option along with posts/ reels or stories. Depending upon your choice, you can download the content straight to your device.

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How ImgInn is Used?

If you wish to use ImgInn, you should know how to correctly use it. We’ve mentioned the same in simple step-by-step guidelines for help.

Step 1: Visit from your browser using any device

Step 2: On the search button, you’ve to manually type the relevant profile Id

Step 3: Soon, you’ll see multiple profile ids bearing the same name or similar handles

Step 4: Depending upon which one you actually want to navigate, select an appropriate Instagram handle

Step 5: Hover your mouse on the image or video, here you can see the download option. 

Step 6: As soon as you click on the download button, the process will start

Step 7: In a couple of minutes the video will get downloaded to your gallery.

Key Features of ImgInn

  • Download Instagram Stories/ Reels/ Feeds.
  • Scroll through 100s of Instagram accounts without registering on Instagram or creating your own handle.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • 100% easy user interface.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • It provides the option of surfing multiple Instagram profiles anonymously.
  • You won’t find any ads once the downloading process starts.

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How To Download Instagram Posts From ImgInn?

Step 1: Find out the relevant user’s handle using the search query box

Step 2: Hover your mouse near the post that you want to get

Step 3: Here, you can either save the post on your device or download

Step 4: Click on the download button

Step 5: That’s all. The Instagram post for which you use the ImgInn app will be downloaded to your device’s gallery.

Top 5 ImgInn Alternatives 

For whatever reason, if you can’t use ImgInn, you still have plenty of alternative options. Here are some key alternative tools through which you can easily download Instagram posts, stories, and reels.

1. Storistalker

It’s a useful tool to view Instagram photos and videos of your favourite celebrities anonymously. However, the website may take up to 30-35 seconds to process your download request. Albeit, this is a free tool and worth a use. You don’t need to sign up to watch or download any Instagram content using this app.

2. Qoob

Interestingly, Qoob works on multiple social media platforms—Instagram and TikTok. It means using just a single tool (Qoob), you can easily download high-quality audio-visual content from both sites. Like other downloading apps, here also the process will be completely anonymous. However, you have to subscribe to its paid plans for enhanced benefits.

3. Dumpor

Dumpor works almost like ImgInn. Primarily, it works as an effective software through which you can easily view and download Instagram stories and reels. Your credentials will remain anonymous and there is no need to get registered for it. The site also allows you to search for relevant content already published on Instagram using hashtags.

4. Inflact

If you are addicted to Instagram stories and other posts shared by your friends, favorite celebrities, and public figures, Inflact can be your best friend. It helps you watch various Instagram stories shared by multiple profiles as an anonymous user. You can obtain all key information and various content for downloads without any need of getting registered on the site. It provides all its key features absolutely free of cost.

5. SmiHub

SmiHub is another beautiful pocket-friendly tool for Instagram reels fans. All you need to do is just go to its app to obtain full functions and features. Based on your needs, you can easily download Insta stories and reels through it. On the website, you’ll see a couple of options like downloader and viewer along with a search bar.

Unlike other search bars, here you need not search for individual Instagram profiles to check the content. All that you need is the relevant link to the photos or videos that you want to download. Based on your intent, you can use any of the options to download HD videos, images or reels without signing up on the site or Instagram.

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In Conclusion

On social media, it’s not so difficult to download content. For example, social networking channels like Twitter/ Facebook/ YouTube/ Quora and others have an easy ‘share’ option through which you can easily share your favorite post within your network. 

But Instagram works differently. On Instagram, there’s no ‘reshare’ or share button. You can only share others’ photos and reels on your stories. That’s it. However, users need not worry. 

Using interactive tools like ImgInn and its alternatives as mentioned above, you can easily download content and videos from any Instagram public profile. It’s even better if you use VPN during the process to secure your data and other information.

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