Male vs. Female Gambling Habits

Male vs. Female Gambling Habits

Gambling is a growing industry in today’s world, and technology is a big reason why that is. NCBI reports that the number of men involved in gambling is more than women, approximately twice that of women. For this reason, we observe that gambling-related problems, like addiction, occur more frequently in men. 

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The Difference in Gambling Habits Between Male and Female 

Gambling demographics from numerous reports show that 69% of gamblers are men and 36% are women. You can observe the significant difference between these two populations, and fact-proven theories explain this distribution. Regarding gambling problems, 7.8% of females admit to it while the male percentage is 20%. Here are the differences in gambling habits between male and female players. 

Types of Games Played 

There are different games you can play when gambling, and which games you play have a significant role in shaping your habits. Women are found to participate in fewer games compared to men. You are likely to find men participating in various platforms, from online casinos to the stock market, whereas a lady may restrict herself to electronic gaming machines. Also, women prefer locations where the environment is safe and the atmosphere meets their standards, significantly impacting their game options. 

Reasons for Gambling 

An individual’s reason to indulge in gambling can also distinguish gambling behavior. Men and women give out different reasons for engaging in these activities. Most ladies use gambling to escape their problems; it effectively keeps minds occupied and heads clear. Their motivation comes mainly from isolation, loneliness, and boredom. 

On the other hand, men are natural action gamblers. It is in a man’s nature to consider gambling to satisfy their need for excitement based on risk-taking and sensation-seeking. The idea of making quick cash can also be a reason for men to start gambling. 

Gambling History 

Women reportedly have shorter gambling histories compared to men. It means that women seek professional guidance and assistance on gambling and admit addiction more than men. It’s recommended that people seek professional help immediately after realizing they may have a gambling problem; numerous organizations are willing to help. Although both genders experience financial difficulties, women report them at higher frequencies. 

Why Is There a Difference in Gambling Habits? 

It is clear that there are several differences in gambling habits between men and women, but what is the reason for that? One of the most significant reasons is personal interests, where you will find men more interested in sports than women, for example. This section delves deeper into this topic. 

Hobbies and Interests 

Men and women display different hobbies and interests, and this affects their gambling habits. A significant percentage of die-hard sports fans are male, making them more likely to place bets on games. The few women interested in sports are not as invested in betting on the games, but that doesn’t mean that all women don’t gamble on sports. Why do you think betting companies pay exorbitant amounts to feature their advertisements during games? 

Spending Habits 

Men spend a lot of money when they’re socializing, and the casino is among the ideal locations for them to interact. You will find that men are more likely to spend social nights at casinos by playing games and enjoying the services provided. Females favor a more controlled environment, meaning their preferred locations are limited. 


Men and women handle stress differently, significantly affecting their gambling habits. In the face of stress, men are likely to be more impulsive than their female counterparts, thus leading them to consider gambling as a release. 


It is almost impossible for men and women to display similar gambling behaviors. There is a lot to gain from learning how gender plays a role in betting behavior, and casino operators as well as game designers stand to benefit tremendously from this knowledge.


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