Must-have Features in Attendance Management Software

Must-have Features in Attendance Management Software

From signing to punching your finger in biometric devices, the way, you capture attendance is changing. Leveraging technology for logging attendance and conducting payroll eliminates any errors that may occur in data entry. Since these are the challenges that every business would face, looking for a solution that can help you stay ahead of the competitors without compromising your goals. There are many solution providers out there who promise many features with some unnecessary elements. This makes it difficult to make a call.

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Choosing the correct vendor is a big challenge. What features you have to look for? What customizations are required? Well, you are in the right place. This article outlines some key features you have to look for in cloud-based attendance management software:

Customized policies

Maybe this feature is not required but can benefit you in the future. This feature enables you to create customized policies for work hours, timings, leave policies, and more. This allows you to manage attendance in a better way.

Adjusting Time Logs

This helps you when your employees forget to punch-out while leaving and fail to deliver accurate working hours for smooth payroll. The attendance management system enables you to enter data externally on request and helps you to eliminate conflicts while running the payroll.

Data Import

Being able to import the data directly into the system is something that HR personnel is looking for. The solution should enable the HR personnel to import attendance details into the payroll system. If your employees are not able to apply for leaves through the portal, the admin has to prepare excel and import for payroll calculations.

Shift management

Managing employee shifts is challenging, especially when you have to do it manually. With changing shifts, it becomes difficult to manage every employee. The shift scheduling software makes it easy to schedule shifts automatically, and employees will be notified about the changes. The solution allows you to define shifts as required, and employee attendance gets tracked automatically without any entry.

 Flexible scheduling

Businesses offer a flexible schedule to enable employees to log in and log out at different timings. The time and attendance management software should allow you to create multiple schedules for employees. The solution should help you be more organized and should accommodate a synchronized work schedule.

Tracking missed punches

Old fashioned time-tracking methods are prone to human errors. Employees keep forgetting to punch in; the system should allow a manager to verify the working hours and edit the time if needed. Modern HR management systems are designed to alert managers and employees about missed punch-ins through self-service portals and mobile alerts. This eliminates the chances of missed punch-ins.

Payroll integration 

The time and attendance software should integrate with payroll terms; the solution should provide accurate attendance data to calculate salary and other benefits accurately. This can be achieved when you have an integrated solution. Without integration, the data will be lost between timekeeping to payroll. The integration facilitates the flow of information for the employee, manager, and human resource management to prevent any errors.


With some employees working remotely, mobile time and attendance software should allow employees to clock in through mobile devices. This provides you an overview of the hours worked by the workforce remotely and on-premise. Mobile apps include a GPS tracking system for location monitoring so that you can track the number of hours worked remotely.


The time and attendance software should provide tailored reports and analytics using the system’s data. The solution should give you insights into attendance reports, so you’ll have an exact picture of total hours worked, shift patterns, and other factors so you can improve productivity.

The self-service portal empowers employees and enables them to view and make a request to their time and attendance details. Do your employees gain knowledge about leaves remaining or the deductions made in last slip? This makes your job challenging as you have to spend hours to make all your employees understand their leave balances.

In addition to these features, make sure you are selecting a cloud-based HR software such as SutiHR that automates not only the process but also offers these features anywhere, anytime and on demand.


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