How to Incorporate Metallic Accents Into Your Furniture and Decor

How to Incorporate Metallic Accents Into Your Furniture and Decor

Metallics are no longer reserved for special occasions and holiday decor. 

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They’ve become a staple in interior design, adding a touch of glamor, sophistication, and vibrancy to any home. Incorporating metallic accents into your furniture and decor is a simple yet effective way to elevate your space. 

Whether you prefer subtle hints or bold statements, let’s delve into ways you can add a bit of shimmer and shine to your home styling.

1. Choose Your Metal 

First things first, choose the metallic finish that complements your taste and space.

Gold, silver, copper, bronze, and rose gold are popular options that you can mix and match depending on your preference. 

Silver and chrome create a more modern look. Gold, brass, and copper add warmth and richness. Rose gold and champagne are trendy and elegant options.

2. Consider Your Color Scheme

Once you’ve chosen your metal, take a look at your color scheme. Pair cooler metals like silver, chrome, or nickel with cooler colors on the color wheel, such as blues, greens, and purples. 

Warm metals like gold, brass, or copper, can be paired with warmer colors like reds, oranges, and yellows.

3. Start Small

If you’re unsure about how metallics will look in your home, start small. Add a metallic lamp or a shiny vase to your decor. Metallic picture frames, decorative trays, or candlesticks are easy ways to bring in the shimmer without overpowering the room. 

You can also incorporate metallic fabrics, such as gold-threaded pillows or a metallic throw blanket.

4. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different metallic finishes. A gold lamp and a chrome side table can work beautifully together, as can a copper and silver vase combo. The key is to balance the different metals so that your space doesn’t look busy or overdone.

5. Think Beyond Accessories

If you’re feeling bold, you can add metallic accents to your bigger furniture pieces. A metallic coffee table or sideboard immediately adds glamor to a room. You can even consider a metallic sofa or armchair for a more opulent statement.

6. Use Metallic Fabrics

Another great way to incorporate metallic accents into your decor is by using metallic fabrics. A metallic throw pillow, curtains, or even a metallic accent wall can add some serious glam to your living space. 

Plus, using metallic fabrics can be a great way to tie all of your metallic accents together and create a cohesive look.

7. Go Bold

If you really want to make a statement with your metallic accents, don’t be afraid to go bold. A metallic accent wall, a statement piece of metallic furniture, or even a metallic chandelier can add some serious drama and glamor to your living space. 

Just be sure to keep the rest of your decor fairly neutral to avoid making your space feel too busy.

Metallic is Trending – Stressful Shopping is Not!

From rose gold to steel silver, adding metallic accents to your furniture and décor can make a room feel both luxurious and timeless. 

Whether you’re going for an antique look or a modern touch, keep in mind that even small pieces can have a big impact when contrasted against the right background. 

Carefully select the pieces that work best with your home’s existing style, or mix and match different types of finishes to create something unique. Don’t forget to consider comfort as well as visual appeal when making your selections. 

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