Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Product Key Free

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Product Key Free

Recent Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 product key. Released April 15, 2010, this version was available June 15, 2010. It followed Office 2007 and before Office 2013. It has improved performance and raised application numbers. 64-BIT and 32-BIT were released simultaneously. InforPath 2010, SharePoint Workspace 2010, and Lync 2010 are new features in this edition of Microsoft, which also has more RAM.

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Users receive 100% genuine Microsoft licenses that may be activated on the Microsoft website. It also gives a lifetime license, meaning it does not require a subscription or renewal charge. Users can buy the workplace outright. The original Microsoft license will remain even if a device is formatted or replaced. The only thing to remember is that it is only valid for one device and must be deactivated on the old machine before reinstalling it on the new one.

Try these working Microsoft Office 2010 product keys:

MS Office64-Bit32-Bit
Microsoft Office 2010 Activation Key4983Y-W3D73-QY6TX-K7FQD-V7Y8QHYRWT-T9RWG-43TFB-4X7HQ-T2TTQ
Microsoft Office 2010 Product KeyBHUG6-UYTXN-89KH7-HSTR3-MNZX7DDY79-433JV-2RXGX-MQFQP-PFDH8
Microsoft Office 2010 Genuine KeyW4D2C-3YK88-KMYP2-2QTXY-28CCYOR859-85EWP-EWUTI-UYADK-FLXNV
Microsoft Office 2010 product keys table 1

New Product Keys Here:

Office 2010 32-bit keyOffice 2010 64-bit keyOffice 2010 Product key (STD.)
Microsoft Office 2010 product keys table 2

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32-bit Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys

  • W4D2C-3YK88-KMYP2-2QTXY-28CCY

64-bit Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys

  • 72D2Y-R2D7F-HG6TM-H8W4M-CHCB4

What Exactly is the Product Key?

A product key, also called a software license key or activation key, serves as a distinctive alphanumeric code given by software vendors for the purpose of authenticating and activating their software. It serves as a digital “lock and key” mechanism to verify the legitimacy of the software and enable its full functionality. 

Product keys are typically required during the installation process or when activating the software. By entering the product key, the user confirms that they have obtained a legal copy of the software and are authorized to use it. The product key is usually printed on a sticker or card that accompanies the software package or is sent via email for digital purchases.

The purpose of a product key is to prevent unauthorized use and piracy of software. It helps software vendors maintain control over their intellectual property by ensuring that users have legally acquired licenses. Without a valid product key, users may be restricted from accessing certain features or face limitations on the software’s functionality.

It’s important to keep the product key in a safe place as it is essential for reinstallation, activation on new devices, or software updates.

Professional Microsoft Office 2010 Description

MS Office 2016 Product Key unlocks Office 2010 Professional Plus. These Microsoft Serial Keys include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, and Microsoft One Note.

Microsoft Office is a popular word processor, tablet, and presentation software. Even if it’s popular, it’s still expensive. Customers have turned to key generators, which need more efficiency and free distribution of Office 2010 product keys.

This article offers a few solutions—just pick and copy if Office prompts you. Second, explain using MS Office Professional 2010 Product Key license keys. Third, a detailed approach to recovering lost keys with a third-party app.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Features

Microsoft Office2010 Professional Key includes enhanced features in some programs. Features are below.

1. The Word2010 pro plus interface is more efficient. It lets users generate private or corporate documents in their own style and with superior quality. One can also add photos and graphics to their design.

2. Excel2010’s program can create financial tables, product databases, and numerous Excel tables. To ensure compatibility with all CVS files, new graphics and mathematical formulas were added.

3. PowerPoint2010 is a leading presentation program. Its functions are improved. It allows quick presentations with innovative transitions. Other functions simplify labor as well.

4. Outlook2010 simplifies business and office email, contact, and appointment administration. New features keep users informed.

5. Publisher2010 Pro Plus makes publishing professional-looking flyers, ads, and magazines easier. It creates amazing publications that positively impact customers and partners.

6. OneNote allows professional note-taking and sharing. It lets users link photographs, files, audio, and videos, making it as convenient as other social media sites.

Removed Features

  1. Office Startup Assistant 
  2. InterConnect Support
  3. Microsoft Office Document Imaging
  4. Document workspaces
  5. Office Diagnostic  
  6. Special symbol input add-in for the East Asia version
  7. Research and Reference pane for Internet Explorer 
  8. Microsoft Office Document Scanning
  9. Insert Clip Art task pane and various clip organizer features

Word Removed Features

  • The pro version lacks the voice comment feature from Word 2002, 2003, and 2007.
  • Word Add-in Libraries are no longer supported.
  • Autosummary is Taken Off.

Outlook Removed Features

  • Exchange synchronization ANSI Offline Outlook data files were also erased. 
  • Calendar rebasing was also removed.
  • This app lacks postmarks and photo resizing for 640×480 and 800×600.

OneNote Removed Features

  • The Pro2010 version disables live session features, including joining and initiating live sessions.
  • Outlook 2010 cannot establish appointments or contacts.

System Requirements

Microsoft Office2010 Professional Plus purchasers receive activation codes. Simple installation just following the instructions. However, the system requires uninstalling the old version before installing the new one.

Microsoft Office2010 Professional Plus supports Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows XP (SP3), Windows Server 2003, Vista, 2008, and 2012. It also needs 512MB RAM, a 3,5GB hard disc, and a 1GHz processor. 

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Why Need Genuine MS Office 2010 Product Key?

The product has value, so only authorized users can use it. MS Office 2010 product keys ensure this. It unlocks this excellent office program’s features.

To license software or perform other licensing tasks, a legitimate key is needed. Microsoft Office 2010 product keys are 25-digit unique character codes. Product keys vary. This page contains working MS Office 2010 activation keys. Check them all to locate the one that works with your product. Constant key upgrades may make some keys unavailable here. One may need to discover another way to get the keys. Free is good. Even unlicensed products are fine. As shown below.

MS Office 2010 Product Key Activation

The MS Office setup wizard will request the product key upon the first launch. Type the product key and select your preferred activation method. Product activation and licensing are as follows:

  • Internet Activation
  • Phone Activation
  • Activate either one. Procedures are described below.

Internet-Activated Office 2010

 If you have a fast internet connection, this option works. This immediately launches the Microsoft licensing wizard. The wizard verifies key authenticity. If the key is authentic, you can activate the software without an error.

Simple Steps can fix this error

  • Reenter the key or restart the wizard. Reconnect the PC.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 product key again.
  • Let the wizard verify it.
  • If inactivation is problematic, one can call. Telephone instructions are here.

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In conclusion, the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 product key is a unique alphanumeric code that is used to authenticate and activate the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 software suite. It serves as a digital “lock and key” mechanism to verify the legitimacy of the software and enable its full functionality.

With a valid product key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, users can install, activate, and use the software suite on their devices. This version of Microsoft Office includes applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and other productivity tools.

The product key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 is typically provided with the software package or sent via email for digital purchases. It is essential to keep the product key in a secure place as it is required for installation, activation, and future reinstallation or device transfers.

While newer versions of Microsoft Office have been released since 2010, having a valid product key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 allows users to continue using the software suite with its supported features and functionality, even though some newer features may be unavailable in this older version.

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