Why Should You Start Playing on PC?

Why Should You Start Playing on PC?

Between gamers there is a division as old as time. Those who play on consoles and those who play on PC.

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PC users say the experience is better on their platform and console users say the same on theirs. But who is right?

In reality, everyone makes their gaming experience. But the truth is that on PC there are aspects that are above what consoles offer. And we don’t just say it.

Erick Gallardo from Asus Mexico says that, first of all, there are supports for higher resolutions on PC.

For example, although Xbox recently received updates that allow the use of monitors of up to 120 Hz, in the world of computers, up to 240 Hz can be used, for the moment, and if one of 300 Hz emerges tomorrow, in an instant it would be compatible with current configurations.

Talking in terms of numbers may not say much, but they are terms that are directly reflected in the gaming experience and that make it more fluid, immersive and natural, something that cannot even be faithfully portrayed on video and something that must be tested for real. understand the point.

On the other hand, the constant updating of a computer makes the PC experience more advanced. Every year or year and a half, new technologies appear that improve the performance of a computer, whether desktop or laptop, something that in the world of consoles implies a wait of up to seven years when a generation change arrives.

There are also the games themselves, because on PC there are several platforms that sell video games and the competition is healthy, so a game shortly after its launch begins to see price reductions, something that is noticeable in the field of consoles until a title meets the year.

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Be careful, not everything is so beautiful in the world of PC Gaming. Having a computer at the maximum point of the maximum. For example, that allows to play in 4K resolution and not 60 frames in Full HD.

Of course, there are not so drastic alternatives, with which you can have great CPU, graphics card and 8G or more of RAM.

Playing on PC may seem elitist, but demanding people looking for unmatched gaming experiences, that’s where they have to migrate.


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