Pulse Mig Welders For Sale – Australia

Pulse Mig Welders For Sale – Australia

If you are in the welding industry you most likely know that more and more welding power sources which provide pulsing capabilities are coming onto the market. You find pulse Mig welders for sale at most welding suppliers.  They are so popular because they make welding easier for the operator and provide a high-quality weld. 

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Welding companies start to realise that although you pay more for a pulse Mig welding machine, the advantages that they provide actually make it a cost-saving machine. The decrease in welding costs gives you a payback on your investment in the long run. Welding suppliers, such as Bilba Industries,  have the expertise and experience to help you determine the payback on your investment in a pulse Mig welder. 

What is special about a pulse Mig welder?

Although pulse Mig provides high-quality, low-spatter welding at a fast speed, the welds are consistently great looking. This is a result of the better thermal control the operator has with a pulse Mig welder.

Another important difference between a conventional Mig welder and a pulse Mig welder is that the conventional Mig welder runs at a constant amperage, while a pulse Mig welder runs a peak and background amperage which prevents blowouts on thin materials.

What are pulse Mig welders used for?

Usually, you use pulse Mig welders for aluminium welding. However, it is also an excellent process for welding with stainless steel and bronze wires. Pulse Mig often achieves results that are comparable to Tig welding but with a greater speed and higher productivity.

Welders also use pulse Mig for metals and applications where controlling heat is difficult with the normal Mig process.

You can, for instance, apply bronze wires at a temperature that is lower than the melting point of the parent material. This makes pulse Mig the ideal process for welding on thin materials, such as car body panels, where you need low-temperature welding to avoid distortion. 

You can also use pulse Mig to weld thin stainless material where it is often impossible to avoid distortion with the conventional Mig process. 

How do pulse Mig welders work?

To understand the basics of how pulse Mig welders work, you have to keep in mind that the current alternates (pulses) between two values, namely the peak current and background current. The peak current typically achieves spray transfer, while the background current has a lower intensity. This allows the weld puddle to solidify fast. This fast solidifying gives you more control over the welding process.

Depending on the setting on your Mig welding machine, this pulsing happens tens or even hundreds of times per second.

How much do pulse Mig welders cost?

Pulse Mig welders are for sale at a wide range of prices, but you have to remember that the price depends on what the specific pulse Mig welder offers. You can, for instance, buy the “200A Synergic Pulse Mig/Stick/Tig Welder Unimig” for $2,899, or the “Pulse/Stt Welder Power Wave S350 Lincoln K2823-2” for $18,260. 

For $2,899 you get a pulse Mig welder with the “basics” which you expect in a plus Mig machine. For $18,260 you also receive, amongst other things, 

  • a built-in wire feeder, and
  • a full duplex 100MHz Ethernet connection allowing you to connect to your PC to the company’s free available software.

What are the factors (benefits) to consider when buying a pulse Mig welder?

There are different factors to consider when buying a pulse Mig welder. A good starting point is to look at some of the benefits of using pulse Mig. 

  • Because the process needs low heat, material distortion is minimal and burn-through is reduced. Thus, if you frequently work with materials which can distort easily, a pulse Mig welder might be a good choice.
  • With pulse Mig welding spatter is significantly reduced, and in many cases even eliminated. The result is that you save time because you have minimal clean-up afterwards. If the time you spend on a welding project is important to you, you should consider purchasing a pulse Mig welder.
  • Because the welds are visually appealing, value is added to the final product. 

Final word

To find out which one of the many pulse Mig welders for sale is the correct type of welding machine for your welding needs, contact a welding supplier, such as Bilba Industries now!  


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