Most Popular Spy Apps for Android

Most Popular Spy Apps for Android

In this study in which the market shares of different mobile operating systems are compared, it is clearly seen that Android and iOS are a duopoly in the market, creating two different groups, those who love the apple and those who prefer the robot. Without a doubt, the overall winner is the robot. The reason for this success is simple: almost nine out of ten laptops use Android. For that reason I have considered that talking about Android spy tools will be very useful.

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So, and in honor of the thousands of curious who are willing to spy on other people’s devices, today in this article I am going to talk to you about the different methods to monitor Android devices. In the same way, I will emphasize the best mobile spy applications , which will help to achieve this task, without having a high degree of computer knowledge.

If you are looking for the best free hidden spy apps for Android, you will find this informative article very useful. There is a growing demand for spy apps among Android mobile device users. However, few people are aware of exactly what they are doing. These applications are also known as spyware for phones. They are basically mobile applications that work on Android smartphones. They are secretly installed and capable of discreetly monitoring various types of information on the target phone. They can record phone calls, get all the details of text messages and also other sensitive information.

The recorded information is sent to the server of the app located in some remote part of the world. The spy app is capable of running in the background and the best thing is that it cannot be detected by the user or owner of the target phone. Different terms are used by different manufacturers, but in the end, there is no doubt that almost all spy apps for Android do the same. They are useful for monitoring activities of children and adolescents and also for employers, who can view the activities of their employees in a tab. In fact, husbands also use them if they have doubts about the integrity and loyalty of their partners. These applications are versatile in that they can be used for a number of purposes and can do multiple functions simultaneously.

There are different models and types of spy apps for the market on Android phones. In order to spy on a cell phone, it is necessary to research, gather information and go through the due diligence process in order to select the correct spy app for Android. If some quality analysis is reviewed, several customers are ready to pay and buy the Hoverwatch spy app . That is why it is a good idea to know more about it and in the following lines it can be considered that an analysis is presented that talks about the aspects that this app comprises.

Why is Hoverwatch one of the most popular spy apps

There are some important features in the settings of this app and brand that make it stand out above others. It is perhaps one of the few multifunctional and universal spy apps that is considered useful for monitoring and tracking computers and cell phones. It has one of the most powerful, useful and reliable tracking features and functions.

Parents in particular are impressed with its powerful features, it is cost-effective, and has many plans to select from. Parents can track their children’s movements and activities. It is also very good for employers who want to track the movements of their employees. As if that were not enough, this Android app has a number of uses that make it versatile.

How easy is it to get data from any phone with the Hoverwatch spy app?

The good thing about this spy app is that it has the technology that allows it to capture different styles of information and data from Android smartphones and also from laptops and desktops. The whole process of obtaining the information is easy, since it relies on complex technology for its operation, which runs in the background. From an end-user point of view, there is nothing that is complex or difficult to understand.

The ease of use of this app is perhaps one of its great advantages, being one of the main concerns of users. All you have to do is download the app and install it. After doing these steps, the app is able to go through the entire process from start to finish. The app will record calls and also monitor SMS messages and those that are shared and received from the most popular social networks. It is also capable of capturing photographs, videos, images, which are shown in a separate tab from the sites visited on the phones where the Hoverwatch app has been installed.

Features content

The app includes attractive and interesting functions within its package. This is perhaps the reason why it is termed as an all-in-one solution for parents, employers and others who wish to spy on cell phone usage as well as person’s movements. It has the following features within its all-inclusive package.

  • Call tracing.
  • Social media activity tracking
  • Location tracking using GPS
  • Capturing and recording photos from the front camera
  • Track browsing history on the web
  • Desktop Screenshots
  • Keylogger
  • Webcam photo tracking and storage

Why is the Hoverwatch spy app number 1?

It may not be possible to just mention a single reason or a single feature that makes Hoverwatch the number one potential spy app. This is because of its extreme versatility and the app, as mentioned previously, offers a large number of features and functions. In addition, it is a lightweight app that takes up little space on the user’s Android phone, so it does not have a large size that affects its memory and storage capacity. Caution and discretion are some of the other reasons why the app is considered the best than others in this app market. Other advantages include ease of use and affordability. When all these factors come together, they surely have all the quality to be considered the number one app to spy on the cell phone on the market for the price at which it is offered.

Is the use of spy applications legal?

Different states and regions have different laws about the use of spy apps. These applications are normally considered illegal because they infringe on a person’s privacy. However, there are people who use these apps for the benefits and advantages they offer, compared to some gray areas where legality is questioned.

How to spy on an Android mobile from a distance?

The only problem with this spy for Android is that it is paid. It is logical since it is not a simple element and requires good professionals to develop an efficient system. You may be looking for a free tool anyway. It is possible and these would be some ways to do it.

Locate an Android device remotely

It is possible to locate a phone remotely, they are simple and fast methods, but they require a sine qua non condition: knowing the username and password of the linked Google account. In addition, the device must have the GPS location of the phone activated. With the monitoring application “find my device” we can locate a mobile phone without problems. This application allows you to spy on the movements of a person if you have the data mentioned above.

In this article we can know everything we need about the use of the application “find my device” , but here we anticipate its operation:

  • Sign in to the Google account of the associated Android device.
  • A map will appear with the exact location of the phone in real time.

The second method that I advise you allows access to all the trips made by this person and is a little more complete than the previous one.

  • In the Google account associated with the Android device, access the option “your routes” from the menu at the top left of your screen.
  • There you will find the complete history of the trip you have made or are taking at the moment.

What is a Phishing attack?

As you can see, spying on a mobile is possible, although it is clear that, in one way or another, it is necessary to have physical access to the terminal. In any case, without this requirement we can also locate it remotely, although it is possible that the data that we can collect will be of little importance to us.

For that reason, there are other less orthodox ways of doing it. One of them is through phishing attacks . This type of attack does not require the user to install an app, but rather the identity theft of the company in question.

The most famous case was Celebgate , when hundreds and hundreds of photos of celebrities were leaked after a hacker accessed their iCloud accounts. The way to achieve this was very simple: thousands of emails were sent pretending to be Apple and requesting that they log into their accounts. In that fake account, the affected ones entered their data and in this way all the users and passwords of the famous ones were obtained.

Kali Linux, an alternative for those who know computer science

This open source software was developed to test the security of certain programs. It is an interesting solution, but one that requires the user to be an expert in programming and have extensive computer knowledge.

Kali Linux is an efficient and free mobile spy tool, but only suitable for people who know about computers. If this is not your case, it is best to discard this option. Another option to learn how to use this software and create your own cookie is to watch some tutorials on the web, although if you don’t have any notion of programming it will be very complex.

If you are short of the option to track your mobile with the Google locator and you want to spy on someone else’s mobile without access to it, that is, remotely and for free, the options are very limited if you do not know computers.


We are sure that a good analysis has been provided of how the world of spy apps used to track Android smartphones works. In addition, the analysis of the Hoverwatch app provides readers with a better idea of ​​why it is an app with high demand in a competitive market and that undoubtedly offers the best cost-benefit ratio to users.


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