The Different Stages of a Personal Injury Trial

The Different Stages of a Personal Injury Trial

Most victims are left confused about what to do following an accident. The reason for this is that accidents are not part of our everyday routine. Most people deal with two or three major accidents in their lives. Regardless, everyone should know what to do in the event of an accident. This knowledge can come in handy in sticky situations.

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Seeking medical help and calling a lawyer are the two most important things a victim must do following an accident. Doctors can help you get better physically, and lawyers can help you get better financially.

In addition, unlike the average citizen, a lawyer will know what to do in the event of an accident. Reputable law firms like Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, PLLC  can help you to a great extent in retrieving the money you lost due to the accident. You could recover your losses if the accident was caused by someone’s negligence.

You need to file a personal injury case to recover your losses. Again, this is a subject that most are not aware of. This article explores the five stages of a personal injury claim, which can help you understand the subject a bit more.

Five Stages of a Personal Injury Claim

While the claim process differs for every case, the core stages of all personal injury claims remain the same. The five stages of a personal injury claim are:

  1. Treatment Stage
  2. Investigation Stage
  3. Demand and Negotiation Stage
  4. Litigation Stage
  5. Settlement Stage

Treatment Stage

Seeking proper medical treatment is the first thing a victim needs to do after an accident. Medical help not only helps your body but also your case. Insurance companies can claim that your injuries were not severe enough to get medical attention or that you made them worse by not getting medical help. The medical help you get can act as evidence to prove that you have sustained injuries due to the accident. This satisfies one of the elements of personal injury law damages.

Investigation Stage

It goes without saying that you must consult with a lawyer about your case. Before the attorney starts negotiations, they will investigate the case. They will visit the accident site and look for tire marks, speak with witnesses, take photographs, etc. This evidence helps them pinpoint the at-fault party and negotiate effectively. Lawyers will also use private investigators if needed.

Demand and Negotiation Stage

This is probably the longest and most tiring stage of any personal injury claim. Your attorney will draft a demand letter after carefully calculating your losses. The demand letter will contain information on how much you are seeking as compensation from the at-fault party.

Usually, insurance companies will not accept the demand. Hence begins the negotiation process. Your lawyer will use the information they collected during the investigation stage to negotiate with the insurance company. If the evidence they collected is strong, it will be over soon.

Litigation Stage

Very few people get to this stage. Most cases are settled out of court. When the insurance company is not willing to settle for a reasonable amount, your lawyer will file a lawsuit. A lawsuit can be tiring, but it can get you the outcome you want. Insurance companies will try everything in their power to defeat you. But experienced lawyers can counter their strategies effectively.

Settlement Stage

Sometimes, even after winning the case, you will not get the money soon. Paperwork is a significant reason for this. You have to be patient and complete the paperwork without any mistakes. Speak with your lawyer to know what you can do to get your money as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

As said, the personal injury claim process may differ, but the core stages are the same for every case. Hope this article helped you understand what to do in the event of an accident. Next time, do the right thing and get the compensation you deserve.


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