How to Use Tinder Without Mobile Phone Number

How to Use Tinder Without Mobile Phone Number

Tinder is the most popular dating app worldwide. It is used by millions of people from different countries. However, since this service is about meeting new people and sharing with them personal information, not everyone would like to use their own mobile phone number for registration which is mandatory. This causes appropriate issues for many both old and new users. There is no more need to put up with them though. You can easily use Tinder without phone number thanks to such a virtual telephony tool as an online phone number.

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Best confidentiality possible

Online numbers are a popular feature among people that care about their privacy on the web. It has been like that for many years. They use them to sign up for various online services without their private numbers and thereby not become victims of possible data leakages and hacks. The popularity of online numbers in this regard is caused by several moments.

First of all, they are not bound to the person who uses them like it happens when operating SIM cards. You don’t have to provide any confidential information in order to take advantage of online phone numbers. Due to this, even if for some reason they get leaked, it will be impossible to associate them with you. They are also not different from regular phone numbers and have the same country dialing code as well as the number of digits. There is no way to tell if that is online or some other kind of a number.

Secondly, such mobile phone numbers are available for acquisition in every country of the world. It is unnecessary to visit a certain country at all to get a local phone number. For example, you can obtain and activate a phone number from a cellular carrier in Germany, Chile, or Nigeria when living in Brazil or Turkey. This is not restricted and can be done online within a few clicks.

Getting an online phone number for Tinder

Nowadays it is pretty easy to do. You can buy an online phone number with SMS-Man. This platform offers such an opportunity for every internet user. They also have online numbers for Tinder. Those are represented in over a hundred countries which makes the choice really wide. Just follow the instructions below to get one or a few numbers for the intended purpose:

1. Proceed to the service mentioned above and sign up for an account.

2. Select the convenient payment option on the page for recharge.

3. Top up your balance with the selected option.

4. Open the start page of the platform and choose the preferred country of issue for the number. There is no significant difference in terms of which country to choose. But in order to avoid possible blocking it is recommended to go with your country of residence so country dialing code of online phone number will match your IP address.

5. Use the search feature on the tab below to find Tinder.

6. Make sure that everything is set up correctly.

7. Click on the purchase button.

The ordered online number will be provided to you automatically right after purchase. If there are no numbers available in the selected country, then simply choose another one. You can change your choice at any time as well as reject the received online phone number after purchase and get a full refund if it was not activated.

How to use an online number?

Online phone numbers are similar to basic mobile numbers not only visually but also technically. So, they are used in the same way. You only need to put the previously purchased online number on the relevant form when signing up for an account on Tinder and request a verification code. Then get the code and use it to finish registration. The process is simple as it is.


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