Vaping Vs. Dabbing: Which Is Right For You?

Vaping Vs. Dabbing: Which Is Right For You?

In the burgeoning cannabis industry, numerous innovations and trends are emerging and here to stay. Nowadays, one can experience a potent high through vaping and dabbing, both effective methods for using cannabis. It’s crucial to understand that each method has specific advantages and unique characteristics that make them popular ways to incorporate cannabis into a daily routine.

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If you’re considering trying either of these methods, your main choices include vapes and dab rigs. A vape device delivers a high without the need to inhale the byproducts associated with smoking. Furthermore, vaping is discreet, often resembling the use of a vape pen or a cigarette.

On the other hand, dabbing involves using cannabis concentrates, or ‘dabs,’ to deliver a potent high. Both methods of using cannabis have their own advantages, depending on your specific preferences.

If you need help choosing between wax pens or dab pens, get to know the basics of each method first. Here are several key aspects to remember about vaping and dabbing to ensure you choose the right one.  


Both dabbing and vaping are considered alternatives to smoking, though further studies are required. Both methods eliminate exposure to the combustible materials one inhales through smoking.

A potential concern with dabbing is the increased psychological risk due to its potency. There is a possibility that users may develop paranoia or even addiction.

From a health perspective, both vaping and dabbing may be more suitable options than conventional smoking. However, it remains unclear whether vaping or dabbing is better.

Cannabis Material  

The type of cannabis material used distinguishes vaping from dabbing. Dabbing utilizes cannabis concentrates, which are produced by extracting the resin from the cannabis plant’s trichomes – glandular outgrowths that produce cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The end result is pure, potent, and flavorful concentrates. Some popular concentrates include wax, shatter, live resin, and rosin, among others.

In vaping, you use dried herbs or concentrates. Depending on your device, some can handle ground bud, while disposable vape pen models utilize an oil concentrate.  


The potency of the vapor is a key consideration when comparing vaping and dabbing. In a vape pen, the generated vapor is roughly as potent as the smoke produced by a pipe or joint. Some of the latest models on the market even allow you to control the dosage, ensuring accurate intake regulation.

Dabbing involves the use of concentrates, which are viscous, wax-like extracts. As mentioned earlier, these extracts deliver a potent hit.

Traditional dried herb usually contains around 30% THC. However, some variants may contain THC content exceeding 90%. These extracts are stronger, and proper precautions must be taken, especially for first-time users.


Vaping or dabbing involves heating the material so the cannabinoids and terpenes reach the desired boiling points, usually below the point of combustion.  

In dabbing, the temperature can range between 157 and 232 degrees C. However, the dabbing process can be imprecise in achieving a specific temperature since a blowtorch is used to heat the nail, over which you have less control.

As for vaping, the temperature can range from 157 to 221 degrees C. It’s the likely range if you use dried herbs. 


In terms of flavor, both dabbing and vaping excel when compared to conventional smoking. Since both methods eliminate combustion, you can avoid the burnt, tarry flavor. However, if you’re comparing dabbing and vaping, dabbing tends to offer a superior flavor experience.

This is generally due to the concentrates. The presence of terpenes gives cannabis a diverse range of flavors. In concentrated form, you can enjoy the best experience.  

As for vaping, some prefer the regular bud’s herbal taste. If you use vape juice, using one from a reputable brand is the best way to enjoy the flavor.


Price may be a consideration for some when choosing between vaping and dabbing. Long-time users are often willing to invest in high-end gear, while beginners or casual users might initially opt for more affordable options. As with other products, it’s important to remember that price often reflects quality.

Regardless of the method you choose, vapes and dab rigs typically have a similar price range to standard models. For customizable options or those made of high-end materials, you can expect a higher price point.

Final Thoughts   

Both vaping and dabbing offer unique advantages and can be used in different scenarios. Several aspects distinguish one from the other: vaping is ideal for those who value portability while dabbing offers a more potent experience. Being well-informed about both vaping and dabbing will help you decide which method best suits your needs.


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