Outstanding trends in the video game industry in 2023

Outstanding trends in the video game industry in 2023

Computer games are one of the most popular and dynamic forms of entertainment in the modern world. Every year they become more realistic, exciting, and diverse. In 2023, we can expect a lot of interesting novelties and tendencies in the gaming market. Here are some of them.

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VR and AR

These technologies have long attracted the attention of developers and players, but in 2023 they reach a new level of quality and availability. Gamers are increasingly seeking a new generation of video game features that offer improved visuals, quicker loading times, and improved gameplay. performance-oriented gaming hardware allows you to employ more responsive and precise physics engines and AI algorithms. Due to this, developers may design more realistic and engaging games.

Thanks to improved hardware, software, and interfaces, VR and AR games offer more immersive and unique experiences, as well as expand opportunities for social interaction and creativity.

Artificial intelligence

AI is not only enemies and allies in games, but also a powerful tool for creating more lively and adaptive worlds. In 2023, we see more games that use AI to produce content, plot, dialogue, and character behavior. AI also helps players train, select optimal settings, and solve problems.

Artificial intelligence is used by game creators to help quicken the creation of games and generate more realistic and difficult competitors for players. Non-player characters (NPCs) created using ML make game choices in real time depending on the player’s actions. AI also analyses player behavior and abilities to improve game balance and guarantee honest and tough gaming.

For example, Blizzard Entertainment has filed a patent request for AI-based music synthesizing in video games. The system will be able to gather and calculate numerous data to create soundtracks that fit the user’s tastes and specific settings. And right now the company is working on its own generative AI called Blizzard Diffusion.

Recall that the long-awaited Diablo was eventually released in June of this year. A lot of expectations about the game were incorrect, as were some hopes. However, the majority of what Blizzard promised was still accomplished. In front of us is Sanctuary’s vast open world, filled with various zones, missions, and swarms of enemies. Competing in tournaments with Diablo 4 power leveling will bring you a spectrum of unforgettable emotions. Everything appears to be fresh, yet extremely “native” and familiar – it sometimes feels as if Diablo 2 was released twenty years ago.

Cloud gaming

This trend has been gaining momentum in recent years, but in 2023 it will become even more widespread and convenient. The ability to render games on distant servers makes it possible for gamers to play over the web and on various gadgets. This reduces the necessity for purchasing pricey and high-performance gear. Furthermore, cloud gaming allows reaching Class AAA titles on low-end laptops and PCs, enhancing accessibility for games to a larger audience. the growing appeal of mobile gaming and 5G, which delivers high-speed, low-latency connexion for cloud gaming, also contribute to this. It also gives access to many games by subscription or on request. Edgy cloud gaming lowers the entry threshold for new players and expands the audience for developers.

Social and cross-platform games

Games are not only a way to have fun, but also to communicate with other people. In 2023, we see more games that support collaborative play, messaging, video and audio calls, streaming, and other forms of communication. We also see more games that run on different platforms and devices, allowing players to switch between them and continue their progress easily.

Indie games

Even though big studios continue to produce blockbusters with a high budget and quality, indie games are not inferior to them in popularity and influence. In 2023, we see even more talented and creative developers who create unique and original games with different genres, styles, themes, and mechanics. Indie games experiment with new forms of expression, storytelling, and interaction.


In 2022, metaverses have come into a reality and are already serving as locations for the biggest gaming tournaments.

They were a real trend of the past year. However, after the easing of limitations caused by the pandemic and the cessation of lockdowns, curiosity in them is ebbing away. At the same time, metaverses attract many businesses as a fresh form of advertising with gamification components. If previously the users could only see the product image, now they can partially engage with it — for instance, try on virtual shoes or a piece of jewelry. A lot of famous brands have already created promotional plans for their goods in the metaverse.

As the idea of the metaverse develops, the need for gaming for them will also grow. There will be more applications with cross-platform interoperability and ongoing gaming. As players strive to connect with each other in the virtual space, social engagement, and cooperation will have a significant impact. At the same time, it is not yet fully clear exactly what the structure and appearance of the metaverses will be. At the moment, there are many developments from different companies with a variety of functionality.

In conclusion, we can say that 2023 promises to be very exciting and diverse for fans of computer games. We are able to try many new technologies, genres, formats, and opportunities for playing and communicating. Computer games continue to amaze us with their beauty, complexity, and originality.


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