How to download WhatsApp status without install applications

How to download WhatsApp status without install applications

There is a very simple way to download WhatsApp status without having to install additional applications.

The Facebook messaging app introduced status a long time ago, a kind of short stories that are shared in our application profiles to show others different events in our lives, special moments, reflections and everything that comes to mind that can be expressed with photos or videos.

These states have certain peculiarities, such as that their creators can know if we have seen them at some point. That is why one must always walk with lead feet when “manipulating” the states. These status of other people cannot be downloaded natively, but in today’s case we explain how the status can be downloaded, and without the need for third-party apps, as is usual.

How to download Whatsapp status

The way to access and download WhatsApp status could not be easier. It is true that in Google Play we can find several specialized apps in this, but they are not necessary at all. In fact, to extract this type of information, you don’t even need the WhatsApp app. What we must do is the following:

Open your phone’s file explorer

Enter the folder “WhatsApp”

Select the “Media” folder

Click on the directory “Status”

That’s where you can find the status that have been shared on your account. You will find them in their original formats, if it is an image in PNG or JPG, if it is a video in a Mp4 and so on with all the contents. Of course, there is an essential requirement for this method to work. And it is none other than having seen the state that we want to download before. If we have not seen the state, it will not be saved in memory.

And it is that WhatsApp when it visualizes a status, saves this in the internal memory of our mobile phone. Hence, there is a specific folder for WhatsApp status within the application folder itself. In this way we can access the different states without having to add new apps to search and download them.

Now, of course, we must be responsible with the status material that we have downloaded, and not reproduce or share it without the consent of the person who has shared it in the WhatsApp status.

For that reason there is no native button to save the states, because these have not been created so that they can circulate freely on the network without the control of their author. So now you know, be very careful what you do with these downloaded states, and be very respectful with them. As you can see, the process to get hold of them is instantaneous and does not need third parties.


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