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The YT5s is one among the many scam sites, PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications) and torrent sites that transmit viruses and malware to your PC and laptop through intrusive Adware. Adware is a rogue pop-up ad, unwanted company promotional materials and commercial campaigns. You may install the YT5s rogue site unintentionally and unknowingly. But this PUA can damage your computer by infiltrating it and sending malware. There are hundreds of similar torrent sites functioning all across the world. 

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Such Rogue Sites, Including the YT5s, can Cause the Following Issues with Your PC and Laptop:

  • Force-open websites
  • Send Adware.
  • Intrude your computer system to constantly send pop-up ads.
  • Do Browser Hijacking by modifying your browser. 
  • Data theft: collect private data. 
  • Cause system infections.
  • Identity theft.

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What is

This is a rogue site that not only damages your computer by sending PUAs but also violates all legal norms of the copyright act. It downloads audio and video programs on YouTube and other similar entertainment programs. It runs malicious and scamming advertisements for different companies which are doubtful, untrustworthy, malicious, and risky. 

This site runs advertisements for such companies and organizations. If you fall into the trap of such promotional advertisements, you may suffer from multiple angles. You may be hoodwinked by such pop-up ads and promotional campaigns. Once you click the link button of such advertisements, you will start receiving unwanted promotional campaign matters. Through these campaigns, this site may transmit malware and virus into your computer system. It can even disable your computer system. 

Is yt5s Malware?

The YT5s cannot be termed as a virus by itself. But it sends viruses into your computer system through intrusive pop-up ads and several other similar means of promotional and malicious advertisements. It also allows several viruses to your PC and laptop while downloading or viewing films and other entertainment programs beamed through YouTube and other similar sites. If you push the download button meant for downloading different programs from a site, YT5s redirects your system for the intrusion of malware and virus.   

How did Install on My Computer?

In most cases, you allow this rogue site to get installed on your computer unknowingly and unintentionally. You can fall victim to PUAs and Bundling.  Bundling means packing entertainment or any other program with different supplements. Through such supplements, viruses are transmitted to your PC and laptop. In such supplements, you will get Link, Download, and Install buttons. Once you click such buttons, your PC or computer will fall victim to this rogue site. 

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How to Remove the Redirect?

You can remove the YT5s redirect by taking certain steps. You have to move methodically for this purpose. 

Mentioned below are the steps that you should take to remove the YT5s direct:

Step 1: Your first step is to remove it from the list of websites you visit regularly. 

Step 2: Uninstall this site from your system/computer. 

Step 3: Use AdLock: this will block the intrusion of pop-up ads and all other unwanted company or product promotional matters. 

Step 4: Scan your PC or laptop with anti-virus software. 

Step 5: You can delete cookies and browser history from start by simultaneously using Control, Alt, Del buttons and then following necessary on-screen instructions!

This process of removal of this scam site should be done in a step-wise manner to completely get rid of virus-transmission-linked pop-up ads. If you delay uninstallation, you may suffer considerably including the disablement of your computer systems. 

How to Avoid Installation of

You can avoid installation of this scam site on your PC or laptop. You should always avoid downloading free file-hosting sites. Such sites often send malware to your system. 

The other methods of avoiding the installation of YT5s are given below:

  • If you are installing or downloading, go to the “Custom/Advanced” settings, and opt out from all additions. 
  • For the safety of your computer, you should not visit, download or install dubious gaming, gambling and adult-dating sites. Most of the malware and viruses are transmitted to your system through such sites. 
  • Scan your computer periodically to find out the presence of spyware, malware and viruses. 

The uninstallation process is quite simple. If you follow the above methods, you can easily uninstall the YT5s from your system. The Sooner you un-install is better. 

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In Conclusion

In this digital age, hundreds of scam sites and rogue websites are trying to fool you with the help of pop-up ads. The YT5s is one of them. Such sites function from unknown destinations and the IP address used by them cannot be detected. This has emboldened the operators to function freely. 

These types of sites create a lot of trouble for computer users across the globe. Their illegal operation is a punishable offense of serious nature. But the problem is that the operators are not caught since they operate from clandestine places. 

This is the primary reason why a large number of such sites like the YT5s are boldly functioning across the world. Such scam sites earn large sums of money through intrusive advertisements sent to your computer. It is always better not to click the download or link buttons of such pop-up ads to allow the YT5s to keep on sending you promotional materials and stealthily send spyware, scam, malware, and virus.

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