3 Reasons Events Should Use Flyers in Marketing

3 Reasons Events Should Use Flyers in Marketing

For event creators and planners out there, 2020 was probably a rough year. A huge swath of the world’s population have shuttered indoors, public gatherings were regulated, and a lot of venues were closed.

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But eventually, the world is going to return to normal and you better believe that events will be back with a vengeance. A lot of people are feeling cooped up and will start feeling the itch for some fun gatherings, social parties, and just plain old venturing outdoors.

Events will be a huge hit and if you are planning to have one, just make sure that you take your marketing game up a notch. Because it’s a sure thing that there are gonna be lots and lots of events that are gonna be pumping out in the next few months.

If you are wondering what is the best way to market your event, the answer to that is through good old-fashioned flyering. Using a flyer maker for your event is a sure-fire way to create excitement, buzz, and profits for your potential customers.

Still not convinced? Let us remedy that by listing down the biggest reasons why events should use flyers in their marketing.

1. Advertising Flyers are the Swiss Army Knives of Marketing

When it comes to events, making sure that your advertising is able to penetrate vast audiences is very important. This is one big reason that flyer marketing is something that is near and dear for event marketers all over the world.

Flyers take on so many forms and shape that their versatility becomes a huge asset for event promotion. If you have an online event (very popular nowadays,) it is very easy to reach people via social media, email, or ads through the use of digital flyers.

It is even easier if you have a good online flyer maker like Wepik or Venngage. This highly-rated service, allows users to choose from hundreds of templates and elements to help you design a flyer as if it was made by a professional.

So if say, you wanted to make a concert flyer or a webinar flyer, whether offline or online (or whatever your promotional needs may be.) Try a good online flyer maker or free flyer templates first and check out its advantages. In the end, it’s even more cost-effective, more versatile, and gives you the ability to churn out lots of high-quality content, than hiring someone to make designs for you.

2. Flyers fit everywhere 

Let’s say you are opening a store in the middle of a close-knit small neighborhood. Chances are you would like to target your advertising first right? 

For this one, maybe you would want to start with a grand opening flyer. Plaster those babies all over the neighborhood. Places like car windshields, mailboxes, doorsteps, between newspaper pages, lamp posts, store windows, etc. You might even want someone to stand on the sidewalk to hand those flyers to passers-by.

 The versatility of flyers when it comes to size and easy readability makes it very easy for you to do those things. People can bring it easily to someone they want to share it with or stuff it inside their pockets if they want to bring it home for later viewing. 

There is a reason why this has been used as a marketing tool since the old days of commerce and is still continued to be used in our world today. It is just so effective and clever!

If that is not enough, you can also make digital copies of your flyer and spread them all over the internet. Attach it to emails, post it on social media, place it on your website, or share it within a chat group. It’s the ultimate online or offline marketing tool. 

The truth is, it’s really hard to escape a flyer. 

3. Instant attraction

Do you know what pulls a customer to go to your event faster than anything else? Incentivize them! And the best route to do this is still through flyer advertising.

Flyers are so nifty that you could include coupons, codes, or vouchers in them. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you need to create a concert flyer for a big music event on a Saturday night. You only have three days to promote so you need to reel in customers fast! Maybe you can add a free drinks stub or 30% off merchandise voucher on the layout of your flyer. Either way, this is gonna be more enticing to potential customers that will give them extra incentive to go to your event.

The Main Event!

Flyers are amazing, wouldn’t you say? It’s compact, effective, and easy to distribute. It also goes from offline to online in a snap. Best of all, it’s gonna be one of your cheapest but high potent promotional weapons in your marketing arsenal.

If you are promoting an event, it’s an absolute cardinal rule that you will need to beef up your flyer marketing strategy. There is no going around it. 


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