Top 8 Bit Music Makers to Use in 2022

Top 8 Bit Music Makers to Use in 2022

 8-bit music has gained popularity across the world. Those who play video games are quite familiar with this type of music that goes while they are busy playing different games. 

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Almost all video games are common to 8-bit music. They are rhythmic, enjoyable, and catchy to make the games further thrilling and exciting. There are different types of 8-bit music. 

Currently, 8-Bit Maker apps are making video games mixed with music more attracting as it also serves as a medium of audio-video entertainment. 

Top 8-bit Music Makers You Should Buy 2022

There are a large number of 8-bit music maker apps. We are listing below the top 8-Bit Music Makers: 

1. BeepBox


BeepBox is growing very popular. It is an online sequencer allowing gamers to play and enjoy rhythms. The specialty of this is that it has 20 tracks supported by different instruments. Besides offline, it can also be utilized for listening to offline music. It is free.


Pricing: Free

2. Piconica


This has been developed by Kikki lab. Piconica is an 8-bit music maker which is popular all around the world. Piconica provides the additional benefit of allowing a gamer to record his or her own work and play it for reviewing the track they created. Such works can also be shared by them among their friends and family members.


Pricing: Free and Premium

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3. Retro Boy Plugin

Retro Boy Plugin

Retro Boy Plugin is entertaining. It runs on Windows and produces retro 8-bit music. The benefit of it is that it can be loaded in a very short time and the music runs smoothly on most computers. The specialty of it is that it produces sounds once found in retro games. 


Pricing: Free

4. Scratch 8-Bit Maker

Scratch 8-Bit Maker

Scratch is a wonderful music sequencer. It is capable of making quite intricate musical tracks. Such tracks are original. 


Pricing: Free

5. Online Sequencer

Online Sequencer

This App has a large number of musical options that can be played online. Such music can also be saved on one’s computer or laptop. But such laptops and desktops must be equipped with the facilities of .ogg, .mp3, or MIDI formats. 


Pricing: Free

6. MusicLab


It is a free website. It is gaining fast popularity. While playing, the gamers can enjoy different types of music. 


Pricing: Free

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7. PixiTracker


PixiTracker is popular all across the world. It was launched in 2012. It comes with a variety of audio tracks. 


Pricing: Free

8. Caustic 3

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is quite popular for 8-bit songs and the app works in real-time. 


Pricing: Free

9. TonePad


TonePad is one of the simplest ways for consumers to create 8-bit music on their cellphones. Individual cells in the 16X16 grid can be activated to generate a tone in the app. The user interface is quite simple, and it may be used even if you don’t know how to read music notes.

You may also build 8-bit ringtones with the app. The software is free to download, but if you want to preserve the tones you make on your device, there is an affordable monthly subscription option.


Pricing: Free

The Conclusion

The pattern of video games has changed totally since the introduction of 8-bit music. Currently, it has become an integral part of video games. Since they are very easy to download, they provide no complexities to the gamers. Over the last few years, more and more gamers have been using 8-bit music makers from online resources. 

Among the youth and adolescents, 8-bit music while gaming has become the latest craze. Most of such music is free and does not have to make any payment. It makes them further popular. In fact, all video games now are facilitated with some sort of music or the other. Among these music makers, the 8-bit music maker comes as the most popular one.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Can one play and listen to music at the same time?

Answer: Yes, it can be done. In fact, the purpose of 8-bit music is to entertain gamers while they are playing. You get Apps for this purpose. This system of video play mixed with tunes and rhythms are getting very popular across the world. 

Q2: What are the most popular 8-bit music apps? Can you name some of them, please?

Answer: There are many such apps. For quite some time now, the developers of video games had been trying to mix music with games to make them further exciting. Thus, 8-bit music came into being. The following 8-tracks are very popular across the world and you can try them: BeepBox, Piconica, Retro Boy Plugin, Scratch 8-Bit Maker, Online Sequencer, MusicLab, PixiTracker, and Caustic 3. 

Q3: Is 8-bit music enjoyable? 

Answer: 8-bit music is quite enjoyable and they make the video games much more exciting than in their normal non-musical form. They are rhythmic, enjoyable, and catchy to make the games further thrilling and exciting. There are different types of 8-bit music. 


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