XHAMSTER Ransomware | How to Identify and Remove Infections?

XHAMSTER Ransomware | How to Identify and Remove Infections?

Xhamster is an adult video website, which has humongous fan-following worldwide. It receives a huge inflow of traffic from all parts of the globe. However, in recent times, a notorious virus or malware with the same name has created chaos online. It can be also classified as ransomware, which charges a lot of money from the public. Cybercriminals use to blackmail users who use various sites for entertainment purposes. That’s why you shouldn’t visit websites that you don’t trust.

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Once XHAMSTER invades your system, it makes your files and folders stored on the computer inaccessible. It can rename a file and even corrupt the device and software.  

XHAMSTER ransomware can encrypt all files on the computer and users may find it unable to open. This ransomware originated from the Phobos family. Cybercriminals can make use of sensitive data and steal essential information from your system to threaten you.

The ultimate aim of installing ransomware into your system is to demand a lumpsum amount from you in the form of ransom. It may ask you to buy the Xhamster file decryption tool available online at an exorbitant price.

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What is XHAMSTER Ransomware?

As discussed in the above paragraphs, XHAMSTER ransomware can intrude into a user’s system and render a system useless. The ransomware makes use of the AES algorithm using a 256-bit key to lock the system.

Cybercriminals may charge hefty payments from the users for a public decryption key. They want users to pay the full amount of money (ransom) in order to get the software. That’s when there’s a trick! Even if you pay the full amount, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your files back.

How did XHAMSTER Ransomware Infect My Computer?

The ransomware software leaves the following message on the victim’s device: a file extension with the words info.txt and info. hta.

When you see the message info.txt, it means the victim’s files and folders have been locked or purposely damaged by cyber hackers. You will also see the message “PC security issue” flashing on the screen. You may be asked to install the ICQ toolkit for it using the username xhamster2020. You have to make payments through cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.

Secondly, when the ransomware info.hta invades your system, you’ll notice an unknown HTML application on your screen after a ransomware attack. Once your system has got affected due to ransomware, cybercriminals will ask you to make a payment.   

How to Protect Yourself from XHAMSTER Ransomware Infections?

1. Protect Your System

Ransomware-type viruses can badly affect your system and the files contained in it. These viruses first steal data like login details, browsing history, IP address, and cookies. After this, they start damaging hardware parts and software that are already installed in the system.  

You should use an antivirus tool to get help. The antivirus software can scan the whole system and isolate or quarantine any suspicious virus.

2. Identifying the Ransomware Infection

The first step towards ransomware prevention is to analyze whether all files are safe and legit or not. The process is not easy because even a malware-infected file looks exactly like other files. So, you should be double cautious while downloading any application or PDF file from third-party sources.

You should take special care while downloading .exe files. These files are executable and are Xhamster-affected!

Tips to Identify Ransomware Infection

  • You may see files that you never downloaded in your download folder.
  • Your system runs excessively slow.
  • You get a white screen error or timeout message while surfing online
  • You will see unknown executable files in your control panel folders
  • It becomes difficult to open your files and folders that are infected
  • You may receive email attachments that you never intended.
  • An email with typos, unfamiliar greetings, an unknown logo, and an unscrupulous message can be dangerous.

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3. Searching for Ransomware Decryption Tools

Step 1: Search for Xhamster ransomware online decryption tools online

Step 2: You’ll come across plenty of malware and ransomware removal tools online.

Step 3: Depending upon whichever tools you choose, make sure to visit their official website first.

Step 4: Download the compatible version of the tool depending on whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Step 5: Get it installed and executed.

Step 6: Now, you can click on the run option to scan your system and remove the Xhamster ransomware.

4. Restoring Files with Data Recovery Tools

If Xhamster ransomware has badly damaged a file, which it couldn’t operate, you need a window recovery tool. However, you can use a data recovery tool to retrieve any lost sensitive data.

Step 1: Download a data recovery tool online on your device.

Step 2: Click the install and run button.

Step 3: You get the option of hard drive partitions.

Step 4: You can also get the hard drive formatted.

Step 5: After it gets installed and executed, you can easily restore files using data recovery tools.   

Creating Data Backups

Creating a data backup is an excellent technique through which you can back up necessary data and protect the same from ransomware. If you have the necessary data backup option at the time of the ransomware attack, you can retrieve them later.

Backup Frequency

You should keep backing up necessary data as and when possible. Increasing your backup frequency can help you preserve necessary data.

Offline Backup

You should keep offline backup copies of all necessary files somewhere in storage devices like a pen drive, memory cards, or Android. You should keep this offline device virus-free for the best protection.

5. Reporting Ransomware to Authorities

If you feel your device has been affected or compromised, informing about it the law enforcement authority is required. Cyber frauds demand payment in crypto coins, but it’s illegal in many countries.

That’s why if you receive any such type of blackmail or threat, taking help from a law enforcement agency is required.

6. Isolating the Infected Device

Step 1: Use an antivirus tool.

Step 2: Regularly scan the device for any viruses or malware.

Step 3: Soon, the list of suspicious files will be isolated and quarantined separately.

Step 4: Make sure you click on the “full scan” to get those infected files isolated and even deleted or fixed later.

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In Conclusion

It’s always better to safeguard your device and software. You shouldn’t give any opportunity to let your device get infected due to malware or ransomware. Install an antivirus tool immediately if you haven’t installed the same as yet. It should be the licensed version and must be compatible with your device.

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