BBBW Ransomware: What is it and How To Remove it?

BBBW Ransomware: What is it and How To Remove it?

Have you ever encountered an error like the BBBW extension with your stored files and folders? If yes, you should read the whole article to know what it means and how can it affect your system. Whenever you come across a file with BBBW extension, you shouldn’t touch it or need not get it opened immediately.

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Most probably, if your system has got infected with it; the concerned file will be encrypted and you may even see a text file containing the same extension in the end. You need to use a decryption tool immediately to fix the problem. 

What is BBBW?

BBBW is nothing like an abbreviation. It is just nagging ransomware used by cybercriminals to loot money from gullible users. Whenever they get access to your system, they will first make your system or files inoperative. In the next stage, they will demand money to decrypt them for your use. Thus, they follow the classic blackmailing strategy to threaten users.

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How Does the BBBW Ransomware Work?

It works just like other ransomware or viruses. Primarily, it affects a user’s device and starts auto-encrypting all available files. Whether you keep your files in the system library DLL or C-drive (hard drive), this ransomware can attack any file and within a few minutes, you may lose access to these files.

For example, if your file name reads computerterms.doc, it will automatically change to computer terms.doc.bbbw. Thus, it means the security of the device has been compromised and it’s not safe. Once infected, it’s quite difficult to get those files decrypted. But we will take a look at all the possible methods through which you can get back access to these files.

How did BBBW Install on My Computer?

Though there is no straightforward answer to it, in the subsequent sections, we’ll see how cybercriminals can infect your system with BBBW ransomware.

Method 1: Creating Fear in the minds of the User

Step 1: Out of nowhere, you’ll receive an email intimating you about the possible ransomware infection

Step 2: Hackers will send you a few more email ids in which you’ll be directed to may payment—ransomware.

Step 3: Cybercriminals will demand ransom in the form of cash or crypto coins.

Step 4: They will demand an exorbitant amount of fee, which no sane person even with stable financial resources can pay. For example, it can be anything around $980 or its equivalent in cryptocurrencies.

Step 5: If you don’t reply to them, you’ll receive another mail asking you to make a payment and get a 50% discount.

Step 6: They will promise you to give the “decrypted tool” which you can use for getting the ransomware removed from your system.

Method 2: Through Suspicious File downloads

Step 1: You may have accidentally downloaded a suspicious file (infected with BBBW virus)

Step 2: Without checking its authenticity on your antivirus tool, you simply open it.

Step 3: Once the file gets opened or its virus starts encrypting all available files

Step 4: Soon, all encrypted files will bear BBBW extension in the end.

Step 5: Encrypted files won’t open under any circumstances without using a high-quality decryption tool.

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How to Remove BBBW Ransomware?

Method 1: Using Antivirus Software 

Step 1: Once your system has got infected with BBBW ransomware, launch the ‘safe mode with networking option from the boot menu.

Step 2: Download a premium antivirus tool and delete all available infected files

Step 3: Restart your system and restore it back to its original state.

Step 4: Hopefully, your system won’t show BBBW ransomware again.

Method 2: Use Decryptor Tool—Emsisoft

Step 1: Install and download the Emsisoft decryptor from its original website

Step 2: Run the software as an admin to get the necessary control

Step 3: Click on the UAC option and agree with all the license terms

Step 4: Use the decryptor tab to add all encrypted files

Step 5: Start decrypting the available files as per the instructions

Step 6: After the successful decryption operation, encrypted files will become editable and usable.

Method 3: Inform Higher Authorities (Police)

Cybercrime is a global threat now. If you are a victim of cybercrime or cyber fraud in any manner, you should inform your higher authorities at the earliest possible solution.

Step 1: Depending upon the country of residence, search for reporting authority

Step 2: If there is no cybercrime helpline, directly call the police

Step 3: Get your FIR registered and furnish the necessary details to the police

Step 4: The Police may take custody of the device for a few days for further inspection

Step 5: They may take the necessary action as per need.

Step 6: Soon, your problem will be solved and you’ll get back the device

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In Conclusion

Despite our best efforts, viruses like BBBW, which belongs to the notorious Djvu ransomware family, can still invade our system anytime. It’s not always possible to safeguard our devices. However, using high-quality antivirus tools can help you stay cautious of suspicious links and virus-infected programs or apps. 

The message is clear, under any manner, never pay a single penny to BBBW ransomware creators or blackmailers. You can always use a hard and automatic decryption tool to get access to those encrypted files in a few minutes. 

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