3 Easy Ways to Remove DNS Unlocker Adware

3 Easy Ways to Remove DNS Unlocker Adware

DNS Unlocker is an extension to your browser and application that allows users to gain access to websites normally restricted in their country of origin. It alters your DNS (Domain Name System) settings on the user’s device or computer. With DNS Unlocker, users can connect to sites that have been not accessible within their respective countries because of censorship, internet control, online censorship, or other restrictions.

The extension is free on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers in addition to Windows and Mac OS X computers. The program was designed by cybercriminals using deceitful techniques to enter computer systems without their consent. This kind of adware could get access to your personal information and online activities, making it a risk to the security of your data.

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What is DNS Unlocker?

DNS Unlocker is a possible unwelcome program that could alter the Domain Name System (DNS) settings to aid in redirecting your internet traffic to advertisements-laden websites. It is installed on your system without knowing it and is often included with other programs. 

It is also possible to download via third-party websites offering free software. DNS Unlocker could slow the speed of your internet connection and cause other security threats, so uninstalling it from your PC is advised. It is usually included with other applications and may be part of software bundles. The advertisements will always include one variant that uses DNS Unlocker including:

  • Powered by DNS Unlocker
  • Brought to you by DNS Unlocker
  • DNS Unlocker powers RocketTab
  • Ads by DNS Unlocker
  • Advertisements generated by DNS Unlocker

How Was DNS Unlocker Installed on My Computer?

DNS Unlocker could have been installed on your system in many ways. It could have been downloaded as an extension for your browser or software download or even bundled with other programs you downloaded. It’s also possible to download as part of an ad or as a system upgrade.

Most free software applications don’t reveal that additional software applications are installed on your system. Unfortunately, most users don’t check the small print when downloading software on the internet and cybercriminals exploit this advantage to gain.

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Different Methods to Uninstall DNS Unlocker?

You can employ many techniques to ensure that the adware is eliminated. It’s advisable to review each one of them as thoroughly as you can and ensure that all traces of the adware are eliminated.

1. Uninstall DNS Unlocker Using Control Panel

The first step in removing DNS Unlocker adware is locating and removing it from your system. Here’s how:

  • On the start menu, choose Control Panel.
  • Select Programs and Features and then choose Uninstall or alter the software.
  • On the Programs and Features screen that pops up on the Programs and Features screen, you’ll see a listing of the programs you have installed.
  • Scroll through your applications and look for any program listed in the category DNS Unlocker.
  • Choose which program(s) and click the uninstall button on the right.

2. Remove DNS Unlocker ads from Web Browser

DNS unlocker elimination of advertisements of Internet Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.). It’s also a straightforward procedure. You need to locate the extensions, after which you must deactivate and remove the extension creating the issue.

Check your program files, typically within your C Drive and search for the extensions you have removed. If you locate it, remove it, or visit your control panel to find DNS Unlocker Removal. After that, you can reset your browser to default settings.

3. Reset Your DNS Settings

As previously mentioned and recommended by the name, DNS Unlocker plays with your PC’s DNS settings. It is possible to reset your DNS settings by going to “Change Adapter Settings”, after which you can click:

  • Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center.
  • Check the properties of your active internet connection by clicking on it.
  • Go to the Networking Tab then move on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • After that, go to properties, and then click on the two options that automatically get the IP address and DNS Server IP Address.

How to Protect your device from DNS Unlocker?

  1. Check that your operating system and other software are up-to-date. Older software is more vulnerable to security flaws, and hackers typically exploit these vulnerabilities to gain access to your device.
  2. Install a trusted antivirus program and make sure it’s current. Antivirus software can identify and remove malware which includes DNS Unlocker.
  3. Make use of the firewall. A firewall can safeguard your device by blocking the activity of a network that is suspicious.
  4. Use a VPN. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) secures your online traffic and makes it harder for hackers to hack your device.
  5. Be cautious in downloading any software. Ensure you download the software only from trusted sources and review the user agreement before installing.
  6. Avoid clicking on suspicious links. If you are sent links in emails or on social media sites, check the URL before clicking.
  7. Two-factor authentication provides additional protection for your account by requiring another authentication method, for example, the code you send via your mobile phone or an authentication application.

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DNS Unlocker is a fantastic tool for bypassing geographical restrictions or censorship. It’s easy to use and provides an encrypted connection. But, it is important to keep in mind that this service isn’t cost-free, and some dangers are associated with it. You must also be aware of the security and privacy risks of using a service like this. The bottom line is that DNS Unlocker can be useful for those who require it. However, it is crucial to be aware of its risks.

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