3 Easy Ways to Remove DNS Unlocker Adware

3 Easy Ways to Remove DNS Unlocker Adware

DNS Unlocker is a browser extension and software application that lets users access websites that are frequently blocked in their own country. The DNS (Domain Name System) settings on the user’s computer or device are modified. Users can connect to websites that were previously unavailable in their home countries because of restrictive internet control, online censorship, or other restrictions by using a DNS Unlocker.

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Together with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers, as well as Windows and Mac OS X systems, the plugin is free. The software was created by cyber criminals who entered into computers without the owners’ permission. This kind of adware can be harmful to the security of your data due to its capacity to access your personal information and online activities.

Demonstration of DNS Unlocker

DNS Unlocker is an unknown source tool that could change the DNS settings to help direct your internet traffic to websites with plenty of ads. It frequently comes combined with other software and is installed on your PC without your awareness.

You also can download this from 3rd websites which provide free software. It is suggested to uninstall DNS Unlocker from your machine because it may reduce the speed of your internet connection and present other security risks. It is frequently packaged with other applications and may be available directly. There will always be one variation of the advertisements that make use of DNS Unlocker, such as:

  • Using DNS Unlocker
  • Presented by DNS Unlocker
  • Powering RocketTab is DNS Unlocker.
  • DNS Unlocker ads
  • DNS Unlocker’s generated advertisements

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How Did I Install DNS Unlocker on My Computer?

There are several possibilities DNS Unlocker could have been set up on your machine. It might have been downloaded as a chrome extension, a bit of software, or even in a package with other apps you installed. You could also download it as an upgrade or as a component of the advertisements.

The majority of free software applications hide the presence of other software on your system. But nevertheless, most consumers don’t pay attention to the fine print while installing programs from websites, and cyber criminals take use of this to their benefit.

Different Methodologies to Remove DNS Unlocker?

There are multiple methodologies you are able to employ to get rid of the adware. It’s best to review each one of them carefully and make sure that all signs of the malware are eradicated.

1. Using the Control Panel, uninstall DNS Unlocker

Identifying and uninstalling DNS Unlocker adware from your system is the first step in the cleanup process. This is the procedure:

  • Choose Control Panel from the start menu.
  • Choose Remove or modify the software under Programs and Features.
  • You’ll notice a list of the apps you have installed on the Programs and Features screen that appears on the Programs and Features screen.
  • Look for any program called under the category DNS Unlocker by browsing through your installed applications.
  • To disable antivirus, you can choose it and click the button on the right.

2. Remove DNS Unlocker Pop-up ads Within the Browser

DNS unlocker removes Web browser advertisements (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.). Also, it is a simple process. Finding the extensions is the first step. The problematic extensions must then be deactivated and removed.

Look for the extensions you removed in your program files, which are typically located in your C Drive. If you find DNS Unlocker Removal, uninstall it or enter your control panel to perform this action. You can then restore your browser to its factory reset after that.

3. Reset Your DNS Setup

The DNS configuration on your PC got into trouble with DNS Unlocker, as was already mentioned and implied by the name. By selecting “Change Adapter Settings,” you can reset your DNS configuration through the following link:

  • Network and Sharing Center is found in the Control Panel under Network and Internet.
  • By clicking on it, you may see the connection’s properties.
  • Then, tap the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) tab under the Networking section.
  • After that, choose properties and then selected the two choices that pull up the IP address and DNS Server IP Address automatically.

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How Can You Protect Yourself from DNS Unlocker on Your Device?

  1. Check the new software for your operating system and other applications. Security issues are more probable to present in older software, and hackers often use these flaws to access your device.
  2. Install a good antivirus product, and ensure it is up to date. DNS Unlocker is just one of the malware programs that antivirus software can detect and eradicate.
  3. Use the firewall. By blocking suspicious network activity, a firewall can safeguard your gadget.
  4. Deploy a VPN. Your online traffic is safeguarded by the virtual private network (VPN), which also makes it harder for criminals to break into your system.
  5. While downloading any software, exercise extreme caution. Make sure to only download applications from reliable sources, and before installing, read carefully the user agreement.
  6. Do not even click on any fraudulent links. Check the URL of any links you receive via email or social media before clicking.
  7. By requiring a secondary authentication method, like a verification code sent via your mobile phone or an identification app, two-factor authentication provides further security to your account.

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A useful option for going around geographical restrictions or censorship is DNS Unlocker. It provides an encrypted connection and is simple to use. But, it’s important to keep in mind that this service has a price and certain risks associated with it. The dangers to your privacy and security if you utilize a service like this must also be addressed. In conclusion, DNS Unlocker can be beneficial to those who need it. Yet it’s important to comprehend the dangers involved.

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