Step-by-Step Guide Removal Homepage Hijacker

Step-by-Step Guide Removal Homepage Hijacker Removal is a notorious hacking tool used by hackers and cybercriminals to modify or edit your browser’s destination. The software won’t get downloaded to your site until you try to download or install other freeware. 

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Cybercriminals usually release this browser-hijacking tool in a bundled pack along with other software. Once you get it downloaded to your system, your browser stops functioning as before. Instead, every time you use the browser, it would automatically go to and set it as your default home page. 

The tool is not malicious in itself. But once installed, it will perform plenty of functions without your nod. It will work autonomously and appear on Windows Shortcuts and Windows Start Menu. 

The main question is you’ll never know how the tool will get installed on your device. When you are about to download a bundled software kit, you won’t get any warning or message about it. Only after the other software gets downloaded and installed, you’ll start noticing launch page org’s notoriety.

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What is Removal?

From the above discussion, it’s clear that removal is a browser-hijacking tool, which can adversely affect the function of your system. It is often called a browser hijacker, as once the software gets into your system, it will start working arbitrarily. 

As far as possible, you need to stay safe. Always keep your device protected from such types of browser-hijacking tools. It can affect your productivity and may hamper your work efficiency too. 

How Did Install on My Computer?

Launch page. org can be installed on your computer in various ways. However, the most common way it can infiltrate your system is by download/ installation command. The most preferred method used by hackers is called bundling.

You shouldn’t give permission to third-party agencies or developers to modify your browser settings. When it comes to browser modification settings, it’s ideal to keep it private or uncheck the box that says download from third-party sources.

How to Remove

Method 1: Reset Your Browser Settings (Windows 7/8/10/11)

1st Step: Hover your mouse to more options or ellipses (depending upon the browser you use)

2nd Step: Here you’ll see plenty of setting options. Quickly read them

3rd Step: Reset your full settings 

4th Step: You need to reset or restore your settings to default

5th Step: Browser hijacker is a type of adware, get it fixed at the earliest.

6th Step: Once all steps are completed you can secure your site from the launchpage. org error

Method 2: Delete Browsing Data And History

1st Step: On standby mode, press the control + shift + Del buttons

2nd Step: Make sure that all buttons are pressed simultaneously

3rd Step: Soon you will see Windows browsing history and password and data delete option

4th Step: Choose the option and press enter

5th Step: It will take some time but all Windows history and data will be deleted. 

Method 3: Delete from the Control Panel

1st Step: Most importantly, if the browser hijacker has already got installed on your system, you’ll find it on your control panel.

2nd Step: Start Windows + RUN 

3rd Step: Type control panel and go to programs and features

4th Step: Check for the Launch page

5th Step: If you find anything resembling just select it and press uninstall

6th Step: Complete the uninstallation process and get it removed from your system successfully.

7th Step: Now restart your system and launch your browser.

8th Step: See if the problem has gone or not.

Method 4: Using Malwarebytes to troubleshoot the Problem

1st Step: From its original OEM site, download the malware removal tool

2nd Step: You need to install the same on your device

3rd Step: Give permission to the software to make necessary changes to your device 

4th Step: Soon the Malwarebytes installation process will start

5th Step: When the installation process is complete, press the finish

6th Step: Now, double-click on the icon to launch it

7th Step: Here you will see the ‘scan now’ option; press it

8th Step: The tool will automatically scan your system 

9th Step: Soon you will see lots of quarantined files

10th Step: The tool will then troubleshoot and fix quarantine files or remove them safely from your system

11th Step: Restart the system and you will get rid of the issue

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How to Protect Your Device from

As a user, your responsibility doesn’t end when you buy the device. You have to take all necessary steps to keep your device safe and protected. 

Here are some essential tips and tricks that you should follow to keep your device safe from the browser for Removal to get rid of hijackers, malware, adware, and other types of viruses.

1. Never Use Pirated Software

You should know that a virus can’t affect your system until it gets an opportunity to invade your device. When you use a licensed software tool, the question of getting your device infected due to won’t come. That’s why you should never use pirated or fake software.

2. Don’t Click Everything 

You need not click everything you come across online. You should be double-sure before you click on any particular link. Click only on relevant links that you can trust or believe. Most browser hijackers or similar kinds of nefarious tools are available in the form of clickable links. Stay cautious about these links.

3. Change Passwords Frequently

You need to keep changing your passwords frequently. Use strong keywords wherever required. And it is equally essential that you keep altering your passwords at least every three months. Your password should be alphanumeric and at least 8 to 10 characters.

4. Don’t Fall Into Any Trap

When you are online, several people may try to mislead you. You have to stay safe from them. Don’t fall prey to any such misleading messages or something that promises you lots of money or cash or freebies in one or two steps. Most of the time, these are nothing but hogwash. 

Through these misleading advertisements, users are prompted to click particular links and that’s how notorious tools like (browser hijacker) crept inside your device.  

5. Use An Antivirus Toolkit

Finally, never undermine the importance of a high-quality antivirus tool. You should always use an antivirus tool, that can alert you in real-time when you are about to download or click on any suspicious link. Make sure the antivirus tool is up to date.

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Conclusion for Removal

According to developers and researchers working on, the launch page project is fully legit. They want to present it as an alternative to improving the browsing experience of internet users.

But the problem is anything that you do without users’ consent is not legit or authorized. It also keeps track of the users’ browsing data and arbitrarily modifies the internet browser settings. That’s why you should always stay safe from and get it removed whenever you see it on your site. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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