Online slots: are they safe to play?

Online slots: are they safe to play?

The popularity of online gambling grows day by day, with more and more gamblers switching to online gaming. The recent sanitary crisis has sped up a process that was already undergoing, and now industry professionals are facing the inevitable change. Online gambling has outmoded traditional land-based one and is now the major player within its market.

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Despite the epic and swift change, many are still wondering if playing online is a safe activity. According to the experts of the new site there is nothing to worry about, playing with real money online, in certifies and legit online casinos is a safe activity, as much as in land-based old school ones. They can prove their claim in many ways, while more and more casino fans trust online casino sites and move their leisure activities there. Let’s see what to look for when engaging with a new game, especially if the interest goes towards an online slot.

First of all, the most important thing to know is what a safe online casino site looks like. There are so many sites on the internet, at first it might be confusing to find those that follow the rules. It’s useful to keep in mind that every jurisdiction has its own set of rules, and as many casino sites are accessible from multiple countries, users have to make sure the sites are legit in their own territory. Let’s take the UK as an example – in this jurisdiction all gambling activities are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, one of the strictest gambling authorities worldwide. Obtaining a licence from the UKCG is hard work for any online casino, as the rules are very strict. Every online casino site that makes it is allowed to (an supposed to) display a logo and certification number in each and every page of their site. This way users can recognise a legit casino at first sight. This works in the UK, as in many other regulated countries, such as Italy, the US, Canada, Germany, Sweden and more.

Secondly, users have to make sure they play with legit games. This might take a bit more experience, but it becomes very easy after a while. Online slots, like any other game, are produced by creative studios, that develop concepts and math solutions for their games. This is especially important, given the fact that slot machines work with RNGs (Random Number Generators), algorithms that determine the outcome of each and every spin. Given the importance of the matter, these algorithms are strictly regulated and monitored by the same gambling authorities we have seen above. This way, all players can be sure that choosing games produced by the very best companies out there, they are playing with legit games. No chance of games being rigged! Some of the best software providers in the slot machine industry right now are Microgaming, NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Relax Gaming. However, there are many more software providers out there that release reliable and ingenious games that are safe to play in real money mode.

Finally, there are many review and comparisons sites like Colossal Slots on the internet. It is recommended to always check this kind of site before starting to play, this way it’s possible to have a clear idea about pros and cons of each slot site. If a site is unreliable it will surely have a bed rep, and many players would have already signalled dysfunctions and bad behaviours.


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